ellis-77-rat-4Purchased this “77” from a lad who had high hopes of becoming a bike builder like his old man.


Being that his pop is a die hard Harley guy he did not get too much in the way of help or guidance after he brought a Japanese bike home.


His dream was for an old school cafe.


After struggling through the build he blew the motor on its maiden voyage. Devastated he decided to purchase a partial motor from CL and give it one more go.


Scavenging parts from the original motor and many, many hours, he finally gave up not being able to get the bike back on the road.

That’s when I found it.


Spent the first winter reworking nearly everything on the bike short of doing a complete rebuild. Then tinkered with the looks and performance almost continually riding it hard and often year round until I purchased another bike.


Now with another able ride in the stable I decided to build a bobber that turned into a chopper…. kinda, that will assuredly become something else soon!


Let me know what you think should come next for this lovely rat!!


Submitted by Tom Ellis

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