Well this is the story…I pulled this 77 xs 650 out of a shed a few day’s after my wedding last year.and used some of the wedding money to buy it,it was pretty much all original and complete, but not running took it home cleaned the carbs fire on the second kick.ran it around for a day or two,then tore into it.


This is my first build so there was alot of learning and changing things along the way. I went through three tanks before i found the one thats on it,i got this tank at a swap meet (after buying rusted out junk off ebay)I liked it so i took it home and re-tunneled it deeper,filled in the harely fuel petcock and used the drain out for the fuel supply.


Then i fit the hard tail (tc bros with a little tweek) I reused tons of things off this bike refit the stock foot peg mounts,cut the stock handle bars into what you see on it,made the electrical can out of a piece of 4”exhaust pipe from my dads house,and bought a biltwell seat and hindge that seat is big and took some time to make it fit right ,but it’s really comfortable and biltwell !

so then the bike sat for a month or two because I have no idea how to do any wiring. then i was looking on this site and seen TC Bro’s made that harness,called right then and ordered one!  and man i got to tell you those guy’s a awesome,i called on a friday late, and ask about there product and got the best info you could ask for, he answered all my dumb questions and then some.

So thats all i can really think about right know let me know what you guy’s think