When Dave Gregson sent us three pictures of his Yamaha XS650, we knew we had to share his story with our community. It’s a tale of transformation that many of us can relate to, whether we’ve taken on similar projects ourselves or dream of doing so.

Dave’s journey with his XS650 began on a Father’s Day in 2016, but not with a gleaming, road-ready machine. Instead, he started with what many might see as a daunting challenge—a “basket case.” But where others saw a pile of parts, Dave saw an opportunity to not only restore a classic motorcycle but also to expand his fabrication skills, or as he humorously puts it, “the little I had.”


The first of the three photos shows the XS650 in its initial state. It’s a humble beginning, with the bike disassembled, its components awaiting the care and attention they need. This image is a stark contrast to what this bike would become, serving as a testament to Dave’s dedication.

As the months passed, Dave poured his heart and soul into the Yamaha. With each part he refurbished or replaced, his skills grew, and the bike inched closer to its former glory.


The second photo captures the XS650 mid-restoration. It’s a work in progress, a halfway point where the outline of a classic motorcycle begins to emerge from the assortment of parts. This stage is often where the vision starts to take shape, and the end goal seems within reach.

Finally, the transformation is complete. The third picture Dave shared is nothing short of remarkable. The once scattered pieces now form a beautifully restored 1980 XS650, its chrome gleaming and every detail meticulously attended to.

Dave’s XS650 is a shining example of the Yamaha spirit—a blend of engineering and artistry. “Very happy with how it turned out,” Dave writes, and rightly so. His project is a source of inspiration for our community, showing us what patience, skill, and a bit of humor can achieve.

We’re proud to have Dave and his XS650 as part of our community. His story is a reminder of why we love these machines and the journeys they take us on—not just on the road, but in our garages and in our lives.