Chris – I just finished my XS build that I started back in January. The build took longer than I wanted it too, but I was orgistrating the build from over an hour away at my dad and grandpas shops. I have built two previous XS bikes but wanted to do something different with this one. I wanted to stick more to a bicycle look. Bigger rims front and back but keep the wheelbase as short as possible. The previous owner tunred the stock bike into a cafe racer and never finished it.

I know I wanted to go with another hardtail so I used the TC bros universal hardtail kit. I wanted to go with 19’s front and back and wanted to go with a mag wheel for a different look so I found an XS650 front wheel and an XS1100 front to use on the rear because the mag spokes are a little bit wider.

Next came the tank. I found an older mustang tank that would fit the lines of the bike.

I moved the front fender to the back and went with Tokico caliper up front and XS1100 slotted rotors. I built the exhaust out of a universal kit and fabbed up some stainless heat shields to help with the heat and finished them up with aluminum end caps.  Made the clips ons for the top of the fork tubes. When it came to paint, I wanted a clean, old look.

Not seeing alot of all white bikes out there, we decided to go as much white as possible for the clean look and just accent the tank and fender with a pearl mint green, oulined in silver with the old race number in silverleaf.

I want to thank Mike Wager for the Tank and fender paint and grandpa Dan for getting the all the body work and other paint work. I especially want to thank my Dad for all of his excellent machine work (spacers,rear hub, sproket, misc brakcets, seat spring mounts)  and for making this build possible from over 60 miles away.

Let me know if you need anymore info.

Chris Becker
Dover Ohio