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PART 3 Column Hans from Holland

This column was written by Hans in his native language Dutch and then converted to English using Google translator. If some words or statements seem oddball it is because of
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Sick xs650 CHOPPER… What would you expect?

Here’s a dope XS Han’s send me from his extensive XS650 archives. Perfectly created 650? Sure why not. The text is too small to read but who cares.


Hans From Holland:TOP TEN XS650s!!

Hans From Holland: TOP TEN XS650S List. Hey Ho, LooXS like is starting to work as a magnet on all the beautiful XSses from over the world. Glad to
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Hans From Holland & The Yokohama Customshows

Hello FooXS, Guess you’ve already noticed, i’m in! This site is great and I’m pleased to have my own column here. This column will be updated on regular base with
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Hans from Holland: XS650s @ Mooneyes Yokohama

In a earlier post I mentioned that it be really cool to have Hans write and let us know what’s going on over there in the Netherlands and that Hans
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