Black and Blue XS650-2 2014

Jeff Smith – Actually bought this bike in the cold of the North Winter here in Minnesota as something different than I usually do.  I have restored a few bikes including two Honda CL77 305 Scramblers, a 1973 Harley Davidson X90, etc etc but have never did anything a bit “different” and custom.  I have always went back to the original but this time was going to change it up to have a little more fun!  Tore the bike apart completely, sandblasted and powdercoated the whole thing including the blue parts. 

Black and Blue XS650-1 2014

The rims were also powdered and laced with new stainless steel spokes.  I painted the engine with flame VHT high heat paint along with the headers.  I also put on a 66 Honda headlight bucket and fitted it with a speedo from that same bike.  The headlight fits quite nice and gives it a sort of retro look.  Added brand new tires, new pipes and drag bars from Mike’s XS. Added new blinkers and back light to give it the right look.  Chopped the front fender on the front and back, added a rear fender that actually was once a front fender from an XS650, put on Camaro racing stripes as well as the Yamaha logo on the tank.  Had a local upholsterer do up the seat as well, which turned out to be just what I wanted.  Overall, a great experience and I had a blast coming up with this bike!!

Now onto the next one………..