If you own a motorcycle, you may understand the feeling of adventure that builds up. A ride on a motorcycle is not near the comparison of a car. It gives a great sense of freedom as you ride past the whirling wind and the close connection with the environment. When you are on your motorcycle trip, you get the joy of owning a motorcycle. It is the feeling that every passionate rider has to discover America on a motorcycle. And you can be sure that it is one of the best awesome moments you can have in your lifetime.

Think of the smooth stretch of the roads, the beauty and the incredible stops. It is one of the best ways to take time off from the monotony of life. If you have never tried it out, it is a feeling that you cannot afford to miss. However, you must have the right route to make your trip enjoyable and a moment worth remembering for your trip to be enjoyable.

What matters most is not a drive behind the stirring wheel or a ride on a motorcycle but the environment and the road you follow. Here are the most amazing roads you can tour in the US and have one of the amazing lifetime rides. It is upon you to choose the one that matches your taste most.

1) The Pacific California Highway

It is among the most famous roads in the United States that offer amazing rides. The road cuts in between the Redwood and the scenic beach of the Pacific Ocean. It is a 700 miles ride that starts from Leggat, the Redwood Forest, and maneuvers with the Laguna Beach, near the south of the Dana Point. The road offers an interesting view of every wave of the ocean. The road’s meandering up and down the hills holds your attention as you change from gear to gear.

The route also has amazing stopovers, such as Pfeiffer State Beach, which is usually regarded as the home of the purple-sanded beach. The forest along the road is also another amazing view and environment that will provide a cool and clean air ride that you will enjoy.

2) From Flagstaff to Sedona in Arizona

It is commonly known as the Arizona 89A state route. It is a journey of 27 miles ride that will give one of the most gorgeous views in America. Think of the ride through the Oak Creek Canyon. After a ride of about 13 miles to the South of Flagstaff, enjoy the high region by stopping and having a view down of the Oak Creek Canyon and having an aerial look of the environment you will be riding in. In addition, you can go to the Visitor’s center, where the Native Americans sell their jewels and crafts.

You will have an enjoyable but challenging ride on the meandering road past the Vista. However, you will enjoy one of the gorgeous views of the maple, forests, waterfalls, the red rocks, aspen, oak, and the cliffs. It is one of the rides you would love to ride twice a go. One of them can be a slow ride as you enjoy the amazing scenes along the road. Second, you can ride at a faster pace as you roll and toss the meandering curves of the road with your motorcycle.

Another place worth a stop is at the Slide Rock, along the 89A route. It is a natural 30 feet water slide that you deserve to enjoy. The slide has been formed due to over a million years of water flow over the rock, making it smooth to slide over. People have their time on this natural slide in jeans, and it is an experience that you would also love to enjoy.

After arriving at Sedona, it is also another amazing place to deserve your time. The ride takes around 50 minutes to maneuver, the 89A route from Flagstaff to Sedona. That means that you will have all the time to enjoy the scenes along the road and still one day ride back home.

3) The Hudson River Valley in New York

It is an ideal ride if you want to escape the busy and noisy environment of the great city. Especially during the fall, it is among the most amazing roads you can ride through in the US. It provides a winding condition in the cool environment with the discolored leaves of the trees.

From New York City, you follow the Seven Lakes Road to the Sloatsburg. Follow the road to Harriman State Park and proceed to Perkins Memorial Drive. At the Bear Mountain State Park, you can have an interesting view of almost the whole valley.

After the Mountain State Park stop, follow the road down the river to the North towards the West Point. You head to the 218 to Cornwall, where you can grab your lunch and a walk in the town. On your return, you can follow the 9 to get out of Cornwall to the 19 to experience quality country roads to relax you back home for a great week.

4) The 166/118 loop in Texas

It is one of the coolest places that I have ever been to, be assured of full pleasure at the place. Think of the El Cosmico, one of the best places you can go to for a camp. They have turned the old airstreams into hotel rooms, giving you a chance to live in one of the most creative arts in the world.

It is a route that you will struggle not to go back again once you have followed on your motorcycle. I have gone through the route thrice for now, and I cannot hesitate to follow it again. From Marfa, follow the 90 to the West to the Prada Marfa. Prada Marfa has a lot of art crafts that you cannot control yourself to take pictures in the place. After a photo session, go back to route 505, connecting with the 116.

At 116, turn to your left and start climbing to Mount Livermore. Climb around the mountain as you enjoy nature until the point where the road will end. Take a turn to 118, and you will notice that the elevation angle will change. Along the road, you will enjoy the amazing vistas and peg scrappers. The road will lead you to a point where you can see the McDonald Observatory, which many people in the US have never seen. If you observe keenly, you can see huge telescopes in the desert. It is a great scene to photograph, especially the sky at night.

Close to completion of 118, take the right turn to the 17, and follow the road to Fort Davis. It is a great place, at Drug Store in Fort Davis, where you can have a delicious dinner. Especially their burger and milkshake, they are the best in the world. You can follow the 17 back to Marfa; take caution not to fall into a food coma as you go back home.

5) Ojai

It is found on the southern coast of California. One of the things that usually make riding in California ideal is the coastal view of the beach, the intense salty air, the cool breeze from the oceans, and the meandering of the roads as they climb up the mountain.

The route begins at the Pacific Coast Highway at Santa Monica and climbs up along the beach. In this route, you cannot afford to be in a hurry; take your time to enjoy the cool view of the waves in the ocean, the cool cars, and the people living in the neighborhood as you go through Malibu. It will be around 40 miles ride along the coast until you reach the US-101, which you will use to connect with CA-33 as your exit.

For the first round, 30 miles of the California State Route, do not have high expectations as you will find nothing special. It is only the home of Johnny Cash in Casitas Springs. After seven miles of riding, you will come to Ojai, an area with charms. You should also go and testify of this; once you have been in Ojai, you will always have the urge to go back to the place.

From Ojai, ride on towards the North; you are now in the epic part of the trip. There will be a good and amazing 38 miles for you to ride. You will have an interesting experience of the beautiful, smooth, and meandering road that passes through the Los Padres National Forest. Rocks wall the corners, and some shrubs and bushes grow on those rocks. The shrubs and the bushes then protrude into the road, forming partial shade to ride in. In some places, the smooth rocks protrude into the road. It is so amazing to ride through this area.

The meandering of the road gives you a close connection with your bike. It is engaging, the turns to the right and the left, the changes in the gradient making you constantly change gears. It will force you to remain focused on your ride. It is a golden opportunity to dance with your motorcycle.

6) From Portland to Sumpter

The route begins in the middle of Portland and proceeds to Mt. Hood, a volcanic mountain, into the stretches of big farms, and back to eastern Oregon, where a small city is known for gold mining through the mountains. It is a trip of about 360 miles and a good route with all kinds of features a rider wants. It has everything from the mountains, rivers, canyons, small towns in mining areas, and urban centers. In addition, it has amazing meandering roads and interesting landmarks.

At Sumpter town, you will find a small community, a few hotels, and bars in the mountains. You can have a breath-taking experience in the mines and fish in the lakes or rivers in Sumpter. Be aware in Sumpter, and the weather is unpredictable; pack well so that you may not suffer in the heavy pouring of the rain.

The route from Portland to Sumpter will not be an easy trip, so take your time and enjoy the features along the roads. At Mt. hood, there is Timberline Lodge; at Antelope, you will find the Rajneesh Cult; in the Fossils, there are bones of dino; at the Big Bend, there is a cool snake on the road; in Condon, there are painted hills and a gas station in Ukiah.

7) Kelly Drive in Philadelphia

The route stretches along the Schuylkill River, which goes down to the city of Philly. Most of the riders underestimated this route, but I made the dare by myself, and it was an amazing experience. The best time to ride through the route is in and after midnight when there is a low traffic flow. It has amazing features that every rider will enjoy: a small number of technical corners, sweepers, and short straits. It gives one of the most fantastic rides with the river beside you and the cool morning breeze.

If you want your ride to be glorious, try not to go during the morning or the evening in the rush hour. If you cannot take a ride during the late-night hours, go for an afternoon ride. It is advisable you first familiarize yourself with the road a couple of times before making the ride. It does not mean that the road is bad and dangerous; it is smooth and well maintained, but we are talking of Philly.

8) From Woodside to Pescadero

This is one of the routes you will take as a rider out of your comfort zone. In the 84 section, you will be forced to be maneuvering and sweep through the fast corners away from the scenic coast. From there, you’ll proceed to the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the straight Highway 1 for a while before moving to Pescadero Creek. It will be a different challenging route for you. The road is tight with sharp slow turn corners. And that is what makes the route ideal, and you experience high-speed limits on Highway 1 and slow speed limits in Pescadero. The slow speed limit gives you time to enjoy the great scenery along the road.

If you are new to riding, do not dare go for this route. It requires a master of skill, a rider with a great experience in riding. The road has only two lanes, so you should expect tourists and cars coming in the opposite direction. Some of these tourists may not be experienced riding on that road like you. Do not go for your speed test on this route; keep the ride easy, calm, and under control.

9) River Road at Illinois

It is a great road to go for a ride; you ride down the River Road and then cross using the ferry to the Kampsville. You then ride down to and cross back at Grafton to Alton. After crossing using the ferry, there was a place at the river’s bed where people could stop and have a meal. The place was abandoned due to constant flooding.

However, down the Brussels, there is a pub named Old Point, where you grab your meal or board a ferry at Brussel that docks to the south. It will cross you to Grafton, where there is a small town with shops, wineries, and places for ice cream. The Hawg Pit BBQ winery place will give you a great view of the Mississippi River. At Alton, too, you can stop at the biker bar by the name Fast Eddies and have a quality time there.

The route is ideal because it has a scenic view of the river and the water flow. Riding your motorcycle on the ferry is another experience you cannot afford to miss. The large stretches of the farms along the road and the road’s curvature up the hills are also fantastic for a rider. If you are looking forward to having a relaxing time on your motorcycle, this is the route which you should opt for. It is so motorcycle friendly and will allow you to meet other riders you can interact with.

10) Needles highway

It was given this name because the highway passes through a forest of granite needles. The high can be compared to climbing a tall cliff. It will give you an adrenaline arousing experience. It is a route that you must take your time and avoid high speed. In the tall granites, if you are lucky enough, you may enjoy the view of wild animals such as deer. On your trip through the road, you will come across two tunnels; the Needles Eye and the Iron Creek. The highway is mostly used in motorcycle rallies like the Sturgis Rally, one of the most exciting events usually held yearly in August.

11) The tail of the Dragon route in North Carolina

The route was made primarily for motorcycles and car racing games. The route is located along the Great Smoky Park, which gives a rider a scenic and cool environment that you can enjoy during your trip. It is one of the routes that connect with your motorcycle due to the many curves within a short distance. It has more than 300 curves within 11 miles. It is a route where you can have a dance with your motorcycle if you are experienced enough.

There are a lot of scenic stopovers where you can rest and have a fabulous time. One of these places is the Tree of Shame, a monument structure created as a sign for the riders who crashed their motorcycles due to careless riding. The tree has different parts of a motorcycle nailed on it while others hang on its branches. It is one of those places that every rider would love to have a picture of them taken at. It offers a scenic location for Hollywood movie shoots and other filming companies.

12) The Blue Ridge in Virginia

It is a route that surrounds the state of Virginia. It is an ideal route for people who love touring and observing the world. It is one of the routes that attract many local riders from the US. The speed limit of the route is forty-five miles in an hour, and this means that you can stop at various scenes and have a good time. Along the route, you find a mill pond, one of the oldest in the US, that is still manufacturing millwheels. The civil war fields are also one of the scenes that you can afford to miss.

Along the second half of the route that will lead you to Cherokee, you will find the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. As you proceed with the route, you will have a good view of the mountains at Ashville, on the Eastern side of the United States.

13) Beartooth Pass in Wyoming

If you are looking for a route that will challenge your riding skills, this is the route you should go for. The roller-coaster of the steep rocky cliffs will take raise your adrenaline. Despite the many ups and downs in the route, there are few guard rails on the sides of the road, which means that you must not doubt your riding skills to ride on the route. However, your risk in choosing this route will be rewarded by the beautiful scenery along the route. The road passes through the dense, deep forest, the many rivers, snow, tundra, and the protruding rocks.

14) The skyway at the San Juan Mountains in Colorado

Something special about this route is that there is no specific starting point for your trip. Your trip can start from any place and move in any direction. The route always holds new sceneries every time you visit the Rocky Mountains. The scenic places you should expect are; mining towns, thick forests, the ski-resorts that are world-class and national parks. You won’t see many drive thrus here. You will also see the San Juan peaks of the mountain, which are 14,000 feet high. The motor riders enjoy seeing the red crayons, hot springs, and the valleys. These features have made some people refer to this area as Switzerland in America.