On a sunny day, the roar of motorcycles filled the air as bikers gathered for a special field day. However, for the police, this was not just any event—it was their golden opportunity to capture Bernie Ginden, the enigmatic leader of the Satan’s Choice motorcycle club.

Known by his nickname “The Frog,” Bernie had a reputation for slipping through the fingers of law enforcement, making him a figure of both fear and fascination. In a spectacular turn of events, 100 anti-riot police officers were deployed to arrest him, only to find themselves outmaneuvered and overpowered by Ginden and his club.

Based on a great video featured at the bottom of this article, here are 5 things on the life of Bernie Ginden, the man who managed to evade capture and strike fear into the hearts of both his enemies and the authorities.

1. Early Life and Influences

Born on November 19, 1942, in Hull, Quebec, Bernie Ginden grew up in a whirlwind of crime and chaos. His parents were unconventional, with his mother being a dropout and his father a former petty criminal turned bootlegger. This tumultuous environment shaped young Bernie, who developed a passion for boxing and motorcycles, setting the stage for his future as a biker gang leader.

2. The Formation of Satan’s Choice

In 1965, fueled by ambition and a desire for revenge against rival clubs, Bernie Ginden founded the Satan’s Choice motorcycle club in Toronto. By uniting several smaller clubs, he created the largest outlaw biker club in Canada. Under his leadership, Satan’s Choice quickly became a formidable force, known for its strategic victories and rebellious spirit.

3. The Legendary Field Day

The infamous field day where 100 cops tried to arrest Bernie Ginden is a testament to his cunning and leadership. As the police moved in, the bikers, following Ginden’s instructions, surrounded and overpowered them, forcing the officers to retreat. This event not only highlighted Ginden’s tactical brilliance but also solidified his reputation as an elusive and slippery figure.

4. Legal Troubles and Imprisonment

Bernie Ginden’s life was not without its legal challenges. In 1969, he was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to five years in prison. Despite maintaining his innocence, he faced the harsh realities of life behind bars. After his release, he continued to lead Satan’s Choice, but his criminal activities eventually led to another arrest in 1975 for possession of PCP tablets, resulting in a 17-year sentence.

5. The Legacy of Bernie Ginden

Even after his retirement in 1996, Bernie Ginden’s influence on the biker world remained strong. Satan’s Choice eventually merged with the Hell’s Angels, but Ginden’s legacy as a master strategist and fearless leader endured. His story is one of rebellion, camaraderie, and a relentless pursuit of freedom on the open road.

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