Joel – I bought this bike for $600 in boxes. It came with a boyer ignition and mikuni carbs. I didn’t know if it would run but decided to give it a shot. I slammed the front end 3”. I hard tailed and stretched the rear end 4”. I seen years ago joe wiseguy powder coated some mags with spots on them so I decided to drill them and chamfur them. I did it with a cordless drill in the driveway.

They balanced right, out no weights needed on the rim. The ball came from Pandemonium choppers. He is a great guy and not afraid to help you out if you have some questions. The vertical bottle is a fuel cell. It holds about 1/2 gal of gas if you run out you have a reserve. The tank is a $25 wassle tank that should have been throwed away. I had to cut out a bunch of brazing that was nasty.

we widened the tank a couple inches,added the frisco bungs and the crown fuel spout. I also added a pamco charging system. If you haven’t done this spend the money. It is well worth it. I just put this high dolla “$7” paint job on it the other day. I wanted it to look like an old piece of crap. I think I achieved that. lol Here is a little video of the bike in detail.

Well thanks for looking and chop on!

Joel Mekolites