Jamie – I found this bike in a chop shop in southern Alberta on consignment. It was a non runner and had been hacked up somewhat missing some of it’s original heritage style. Nevertheless, I saw the potential and began work on it immediately after getting it running.

This bike is kick only. I removed the starter and almost everything else not essential to keeping it running.
The engine was gone through, replacing the cam chain, most all gaskets, and set the valves. I added socket head screws to the new clutch springs and rebuilt the carbs with new gaskets, o-rings, jets, and added the xs pods from xsdirect.

I had a king tank laying around but the petcock orifice was up high on the tank and left probably more than a gallon of fuel at the bottom so I relocated it to the lowest point, sealed the inside and threw on a brass valve. I did the paint in the garage trying out a weathered, distressed look. Eventually this may change to a HQ job.

I made all my own bungs, tabs, and brackets. Shaved the lowers, fender & brake mounts, upper & lower trees and dropped in new  tapered bearings in the neck. Lowered the forks 2″ including new seals and springs.

The brake light is from a harley turn signal (I need to get a red lense still) and I fabbed the plate mount to work with it. Originally, this bike was rocking mags with a rear drum but I found the spoke hubs and rims from ebay sellers all over the USA and laced them up using new stainless spokes. While I had the wheels off, it was a good time to install new bearings and I also drilled the front rotor out as well.

I put in a pamco ignition with a small battery however the alternator is stock. All in all this bike took over 4 months to this point. There is more work to do still but I’m soon starting on a 73 and this one is pretty much complete. For now…