Sweet Tracker!

Jeff yamaha 1

Purchased a few boxes of parts from a guy who had started collecting to build a street tracker but he decided he didn’t want to finish it.  So, before I fired this up not that long ago, I had never heard it run.



With that information, I decided to tear down the engine and make sure everything looked good—installed new gaskets, rings, all the goodies basically to just overhaul it basically.


From there I purchased an Omar tail, Champion fiberglass tank, PAMCO, PMA, Jim Henry conversion kit for the 19″ rear wheel, Yamaha Radian swing-arm, had the seat that came with the Omar tail recovered in white, etc. etc. – you get the picture, it was a lot!


The frame and wheels are powdered and the exhaust is ceramic.  Paint by Zack’s Paints and exhaust by Pandemonium.  Long story short—I wound up with this sweet little tracker.




Submitted by Jeff Smith

Jeff yamaha 2 Jeff-yamaha-3 Jeff yamaha 4 Jeff yamaha 6