Pete bailey chops and bobbers

-1 2014

Pete bailey – I have built five xs650s from the ground up, its my weakness,, the last one is a brat style bobber, it has a cut down frame, but retains the suspension, kick only with a PMA…complete rebuild on the engine, cost me an arm and a leg..geared up on both sprockets, so keeps the revs down a bit on the motorway. I expect i will build another one, cant help myself………

-3 2014

Prpjex frame [hardtail] 770cc rebore, not recomended cos it is a bastard  to kick over,…pulls really well, and rides well, i have kept the original carbs and they are fine.. still running on stock jets.. Everyone wants to change the carbs or rejet them, but careful setting up and tuning and the bike will go well..

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