Marty’s 81′ XS650 “Twist it N Shift it”


Marty Piccone – This is my 1981 XS650. I rebuilt the entire bike. Extended the swing arm 4″. Hand made the rear fender, seat pan and laid the leather. Dropped the top of the frMe 2″. Redesigned the seat area to sit as low as possible while still having room for my hand made battery box.

-3 2014

Added a Hugh’s handbuilt PMA system which if u haven’t done I highly recommend doin so. With the PMA system I don’t need a key or battery but I installed a key to complete the sequence so u can’t just jump on my bike kick it and go (my anti theft system) there is no paint on the tank and fender. They have been die grinded over and over then covered in a lot of clear. Thanks for reading