81 Undone daily


Vinny – Searched this one out in the depths of North Dakota.  My folks delivered it to me in Montana late fall.  Rolled it stock for a few weeks, majority of the build happened in my small ass laundry room and back porch.  Have a little shop space for this winter so I’ll mount my seven metals fender, make a new seat pan and have it upholstered pro fessional style, rewire and relocate the battery, new front brake line, headlight  and mount.



  1. Grumpy says:

    Love it! Plain & Simple……….. NO BLING!!! Don’t change a thing…………..

  2. turdherder says:

    I’m with Grumpy, it looks nice although I would want that rear fender!

  3. Mike says:

    That is a bad-ass ride just as it is,Vinny. I would leave it be, just as it is…but this is YOUR bike, brother, so do it your way…and, if ya don’t like it, tear it down and start over! The fun never ends! Oh, yeah, that rear fender comes in handy…

  4. William A. says:

    Very clean build.
    She looks like a tough no BS street fighter.


  5. Jeff says:

    What tank do you have there? Looks awesome. Having a hard time picking one