Robert – Here is my contribution for the love of the XS. This is my first bike ever. I have never owned one. I thought one day ” I want to build a bike”. This is what came of that.

It rides great! I just did 93mph. Almost a TON! All she would do. 


It took me about year off and on to build. There was a couple of months I didn’t even work on it. I got sick of buying parts twice. I kept changing my mind. Different directions. But this is what I ended up with for now. Are they ever done?

It’s a stock motor. I do plan on a rebuild. You know…..re-phase, cam, fifth gear, and big bore.


All of the work was done by me. Except paint and powder.
This is a 81 special. Stock motor. It has a pamco ignition. Hugh’s PMA. lowered the front 2″. David Bird Hardtail with 2 down 4 out. Lectron carbs. Brass hardware everywhere. I used the front fender for the rear. I soldered a brass rib down the middle of the fender.

I laced up a 21″ front rim and a 18″ rear rim the the stock hubs. Wire tied the bolts. Ordered some Brass fork caps and crown bolts that I bought from Brat Style. Wrinkle power coat on the frame. Harley controls. A lot of Pandemonium parts.



Please enjoy!!!

Robert DuMond

xs650 long sleeve
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 mug