My Contribution (El-Chingon)


Robert – Here is my contribution for the love of the XS. This is my first bike ever. I have never owned one. I thought one day ” I want to build a bike”. This is what came of that.

It rides great! I just did 93mph. Almost a TON! All she would do. 


It took me about year off and on to build. There was a couple of months I didn’t even work on it. I got sick of buying parts twice. I kept changing my mind. Different directions. But this is what I ended up with for now. Are they ever done?

It’s a stock motor. I do plan on a rebuild. You know…, cam, fifth gear, and big bore.


All of the work was done by me. Except paint and powder.
This is a 81 special. Stock motor. It has a pamco ignition. Hugh’s PMA. lowered the front 2″. David Bird Hardtail with 2 down 4 out. Lectron carbs. Brass hardware everywhere. I used the front fender for the rear. I soldered a brass rib down the middle of the fender.

I laced up a 21″ front rim and a 18″ rear rim the the stock hubs. Wire tied the bolts. Ordered some Brass fork caps and crown bolts that I bought from Brat Style. Wrinkle power coat on the frame. Harley controls. A lot of Pandemonium parts.



Please enjoy!!!

Robert DuMond


  1. jonny5 says:

    I love the paint!!

  2. bigben says:

    Nice bike. Where did you source the 72 spoke rims? I have the hubs but don’t want to use a 16″ and 19″ rim.

  3. Robd says:


    The rims are from “Mikes XS”. It’s 64 spoke front and 48 rear.

  4. Chris says:

    Love it. Really dig the stance.

    Tires fit perfectly – what are they?

  5. Robd says:

    Avon speedmaster 3.00-21 and Firestone deluxe champion 4.50-18

  6. El Gaucho says:

    Smoooooooth! Love the pipes and paint. Well done.

  7. fanoboss says:

    Love those rims and tires. I had mine up to 80+ and would’ve hit 100 if the road was in better shape.

  8. don monelo says:

    que chingona esta tu moto una pregunta como cuanto andara una moto asi como la tienes?

  9. JulesG says:

    I believe this is your first as much as I believed a girl who once told me it was her first and a second later was doing the cowgirl like a pro …
    Btw … What an awesome ride … Yours too … Congrats !!

  10. kelvin says:

    Nice job. Its an inspiration to make a start on my TX.

  11. Marcus Hare says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Very nice job

  12. misfitskinny says:

    Very nice build. Love the paintwork

  13. William A. says:

    Nice build Robert! However, I agree with JulesG in that this is your first build. If it is you have some exceptional skills that you may have honed in other ways. Maybe you have built a few hot rods in your day?
    IMHO,I would rethink spending too much money on building a go fast motor. I was also planning on going the rephase, big bore and fifth gear route on my 1979 XS650 “Ophelia” but then I started questioning my reasons.”Do I really need to go that fast on this bike?” The answer is “No” …not really besides i don’t want to run into reliabilty issues. Besides, I have another bike to get my speed fix..
    The bike is very clean build with a kick ass stance. I love the use of flat, satin and gloss black on the frame, engine and other components. Your paint man is a true artist. A truly exceptional build for a first timer….Wink, wink…

  14. Robert says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    This really is my first bike. Not my first at building anything. I have built import cars. My last build was a turbo 350z. 500 hp the the rear wheels. But… I have never fabricated anything before. This is the first time I really got to use my welder. I learned to weld back in High school. (early 90’s) My background is bicycles. I used to work at a bicycle shop. Hence the BMX chain for the rear brake. That’s how I learned how to build wheels.

    As far as the motor build. I just want it to be a little quicker. Plus the vibes kill me.

  15. William A. says:

    My apologies Robert. You have mad skills for a first time builder.Almost everything I said was meant as a compliment to you and your bike. Well done sir…

  16. Jtbrothers says:

    Good job dude ….

  17. Really digging the bicycle chain for the rear brake!

  18. Pickles says:

    Really nice ride! Great first bike build, your previous auto experience shines through on the level of finish on this build.

  19. reynoldburton says:

    me mucho like!

  20. Mega Noogie Justice says:


  21. John says:

    Sweet bike man! are you running a top engine mount?

  22. Robd says:

    Thanks! No top mount. Can’t really fit one a wassel tank. Unless you modify the frame.

  23. John says:

    Thanks…yeah that’s what I’m just now discovering and just wanted to confirm. Hopefully in the coming month or so ill post some pics of my build…both yours and my bike have similar proportions…should be cool. Thanks!

  24. Sheisty says:

    This is the coolest looking bike I’ve seen on this site. Def. my personal fav. so far. Looking to build somthing very similar here soon. So dope

  25. JEFF says:

    How is it for vibration without top motor mount? Bike looks sick dude! You should be proud.

  26. Robert says:


    As far as the top motor mount. I never had the top mount on to tell a difference. It does vibrate.

  27. Chris says:

    What tank did you use? Fits great!

  28. Robert says:

    Its a Detroit bros tank.