1980 650 motor, about a 9 month project. My goal was to have a bike that looked good and would perform in tip-top condition.
The new carbs, throttle, clutch, cables, seals, gaskets, brakes, battery, rebuilt forks, sprockets, filters, etc really make this bike bulletproof. the motor was strong when i bought it but it leaked badly. the motor purrs at any speed. i was surprised at how great the exhaust sounded as well. not too loud, a nice low pitched rumble.


I mocked the bike up to tinker and wanted it to be in perfect working condition before i tore it down and painted it, but the rust started to grow on the bike, and then on me. I fell in love with the way it looks now so i decided not to paint it. People always ask when it will be done and i tell them it is done. They usually look puzzled after that. Kick only, small battery in electronics box.


  1. kermel says:

    Looks great !

  2. bluesgrinder says:

    Hey ehy ehy! I almost went the rust and or clear coat the steel, I like the look also. A painter friend of mine told me he use to satin clear coat primered low riders cause steel will continue to rust even under primer alone, maybe that will work for you. Man that looks “BAD” raw primal the back tire with no fender and the white wall sets it just right. All she needs is a stripper!

  3. El Gaucho says:

    Ah, nice stretch. 3″? I love the look of a 3-4 inch stretch on these bikes. Like my old Wabi Sabi build..