Rick’s xs650 Hot Rod Chopper


Rick Nelson – So it all started a little over a year ago when I came across a dirt cheap xs650 on craigslist. The bike was completely dissassembled and in boxes but the price was right and I had no intention of using most of the stock parts anyway. The bike spent the next year under my workbench collecting dust as I struggled to choose a direction for the build.Somewhere during this time I stumbled across the TCU biker build off threads and I decided that the bike was going to be my donor for just such an event.


The 2013 Biker build off was the perfect motivation to get this project rolling. In early December I started to put some serious thought into what I really wanted to build. I knew the bike had to be different and it had to have an extremely badass hot rod attitude. I also knew that I would not be happy with a traditional hardtail frame, I wanted something ratically different, something with a hand fabricated look………..Here I am almost two months into the three month build………enjoy.


  1. Vigo The Carpathian says:

    Wow. I’m usually not a fan of radically styled customs, especially when they’re heavy on the rake, but this is just fantastically creative. Great stuff, can’t wait to see more.

  2. Rick Nelson says:

    Bike has changed quite a bit since these pictures were taken, follow this link to see full build up along with updated pictures.


  3. turdherder says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. Something tells me it’s to extreme for my taste, yet something tells me “man thats creative and wild”. I’d really like to see a lot more close ups. Is the leaf spring for the swing arm or the seat? Keep us posted as you go along.

    PS: Ted thanks for sharing more bikes with us. I know there’s a lot of great stuff out there!

  4. Rick Nelson says:

    The leaf spring is for the swing arm.

  5. Rick Nelson says:

    You guys can check out the complete build in the 2013 biker build off section of The Chopper Underground website.

  6. tadd442 says:

    Good luck with it.

  7. Joshua says:

    That Is Badass.

  8. El Gaucho says:

    I’ll be voting for this bike on the BBO. Get that thing finished, you only got one more week!

  9. Pickles says:

    Looks interesting, and I gotta see the finished product ! Any ideas for paint yet?

  10. Rick Nelson says:

    Hope to have it running this weekend!

  11. hotrod2828 says:

    I’m sure this bike will open up many peoples imaginations! the shape of this bike is sick (very aggressive!) total hot rod

    almost looks like it needs a big twin rather than a xs motor (sorry guys) great build

  12. reynoldburton says:

    uuuhhh, mhh … not my cup of tea at all.

  13. Rick Nelson says:

    Here are a couple updated pictures>>> [IMG]http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c157/rumblbu/2013-03-04_19-00-08_221_zps57fb327f.jpg[/IMG]

  14. turdherder says:

    Rick, went to your photobucket site. Some very nice close ups on the details. It shows the extensive time and work it took to get you to where you are now. You have a great shop with some great equipment and its obvious you know how to use them. Nice looking work!

  15. Sorry not my cup of tea, and glass of beer either….

  16. Rick Nelson says:

    Yeeeaaa well this is more of a whiskey drinkers bike anyhow 🙂

  17. Rick Nelson says:

    CHECK YOUTUBE FOR MY VIDEO…search for rumblechop

  18. Tebo says:

    Do you see what kind of comments you’ve generated? Something noone’s ever seen before! How about that? You should have posted the other pictures here as well. I’m digging the look with the girder forks and angled drag bars. Is the tank integral to the frame? How much of it is tank, and how much will it hold? I hope your suspension is stiff enough not to bottom out, because it looks like it’ll crunch. Good luck, and post more pics as you progress!

  19. Rick Nelson says:

    Yes I have Tebo….I was trying to do something different….turns out I pulled it off! The complete build thread is available at the chopper underground in the BBO (biker build off section) The voting began yesterday……so help me out you TCU members!?

    The tank goes to about the front of the seat and holds just over 3 gallons, the suspension seems to be about perfect and there is a rubber snubber mounted under the seat to limit the travel. Visit youtube and search for “rumblechop”