The Holy xs650 – Leadfist ’79

Kyle – This is a 1979 xs650 that I had originally built for a good friend of mine… unfortunately, a situation arose that forced him to bail on it so I had to sell it (although it would have been a fun one to hold on to, I have limited space in my shop!) I picked the bike up from a guy who had it sitting around in his garage. It had low mileage, but hadn’t run in awhile.

He told me the battery wasn’t charging, so right away I knew that the stator was bad. Once that was resolved, I was happy to find that the bike started right up… and sounded amazing. I went through the motor, checked everything out, and it was in great shape… so I knew I had a solid build. I wanted to keep this one simple and clean, with a little attitude. The front forks were shortened and shaved. Break mount welded for a 21″ endurro wheel.

I whipped up some stainless drag bars. Wassel tank… painted by my friend Kevin. Custom frame. The fender is modified from a ’62 Triumph pre-unit. The seat was made in-house by Brandi, my amazing, talented girl… custom seatpan wrapped in some nice vintage, but never used, leather we were lucky to find. The taillight is an antique 1940’s glass light I found at a swapmeet.

Alot of my inspiration comes from the 60’s and 70’s and I like to incorporate that into most of my bikes… especially in the churchpipes!

Kyle Edgar


  1. GUY says:

    10 OUTTA 10, LOVE IT!!!

  2. Rats ass says:

    Put the drill down and slowly back away…! Diggin the bike old school rulz!!!

  3. Tebo says:

    SHAZAM!!! I’m seeing more bikes with speed-holes in the rear brake-dust cover, gusset, chain guard, etc. area. (I’m kidding) You gotta be droppin’ at least a half-a-pound! (Seriously) What you’ve drilled, shaved, and modified DOES drop a s**tload of weight off a scoot that was WAY over-weight to begin with. Check out the pictures of a racing motor, where they drilled away everything that wasn’t critically essential. It’s a Swiss chees, but asthetics doesn’t win races, results does. When you’ve cut it down to the bones, start cutting the bones. Then take her to a “Test & tune” at the local track and see what you’ve got (,,,or more like what you’ve DONE). I’m sure you spent a lot of time (and $$) on those pipes, but they might be too long to do any (performance) good. Keep it simple (this isn’t your first rodeo, I’ve seen previous works). Lose the battery and starter (another 20-25 lb.s), and chop ’til you drop! Ask me to ride with you, and I’m out the door and down the road!

  4. David says:

    Swiss cheese comes to mind

  5. Von Dijk says:

    Wow, great bike. Love the stance en the looks!!!!!

  6. Uncle Bear says:

    Real cool bike, like stacks alot!

  7. DENNI$ says:

    nice looking bike! Not sure those pipes would work for me, but if you like’em, that’s cool! How much did you shorten that front end?

  8. Blackwidow says:

    Just curious what did that cost to build or if u feel better answering what did u sell it for price wise

  9. Shad says:

    Very nice wouldn’t Change a thing ,,, Nice build

  10. PlugHead says:

    That bike kicks ass! I’m horney now for some reason.

  11. bluejeans says:

    Kyle John from Rhinebeck bike show. I will like to see what you build next. Cool bike!

  12. El Gaucho says:

    The exhaust looks a bit out of place on that bike. Not the style of them but the lines they follow. Otherwise it’s an absolute beauty! I would be proud to roll that.

  13. Hoovasama says:


  14. Dick Cheaz says:

    The best ones are simple and basic. IMO of coarse.

  15. dex82 says:

    love the bike, especially nice paint on the tank, and the speed holes. not so big on the pipes, too many long straight runs, but hey, it’s your bike so do what you like.

  16. Grumpy says:

    Nice looking Bike BUT I agree with Dennis the pipes don’t do it for me either!!! Only down side of the bike. Whatever turns you on……………..

  17. tpearl says:

    Saw this on Dallas CL for $5500. That aint cheap!

  18. pickles says:

    Had to watch the video again. I can’t get over how badass those pipes are!

  19. CruzBoos says:

    Diggin the paint job on the tank but the organ pipes just disturb me. Would hate to get burned by the bitch.

  20. stanley says:

    i have so many questions for you