Copper Davi


Carlos – This bike was made by Jason from “Vintage Customs” in Florida, I bought this bike like 3 weeks and now is here with me in California. It’s a 77 xs650 engine was completely disassembled and rebuilt. The exhaust, custom fabricated called “devil horns”  are wrapped in copper colored header wrap and it sounds really good.

Frame is a custom fabricated, one-off, drop-seat hardtail with no stretch. The neck has been raked out, it was lowered till it looked right. Forks are mid 80’s Suzuki.

Gas tank is a new 3.5 Gal. Mustang tank. Rear fender is a real copper fender by 7 Metal West.


Front wheel is a 21” Suzuki dirt bike rim wrapped in a relatively new Cheng Shin Barracuda tire
The rear wheel is an XS 16” wire wheel wrapped in a new Shinko double white wall tire. Both wheels have the hubs and spokes finished in matte black.

Thanks Jason


  1. mike lytle says:

    forsure nice lookin bike. like the hand operated rear brake. first time i’ve seen that!! like the two filler mustang tank. nice job, thanks for sharing

  2. Bossfan says:

    Great build, front end is really sweet.
    Nice color as well.
    Would have been cooler if you’d built it yourself.

  3. Barney says:

    Very nice bike. It’s amazing how a white frame can make a bike pop.

  4. BT99Plus says:

    First off Carlos your bike is awesome, love the colors, handlebars and exhaust.
    I own a Road King and love all Harleys, I will speak for myself and say that you answered the question “you get a lot of bang for your buck”. I will build my XS for the cost of a donor FXR. Whatever Carlos spent on his XS would be a lot less than a Sportster as cool as the bike he now owns. I have seen many people walk by Harleys to check out a Bobbed/Chopped XS, they are different and Harley’s are everywhere. Oh yeah and this is coming from a Chevy man who can appreciate a Ford.

  5. mini danzig says:

    sweet brag bro

  6. davethewrench says:

    LOL…I have 2 harley’s and my XS is so much fun to ride I haven’t riden the harley’s in over a month
    LOL my XS is a blast
    Nice bike by the way !!! I like the white frame

  7. reynoldburton says:

    Hey John Ford 🙂

    I,m a Ford man too – but in Germany. European Granada 3.0 V6 (I see once or twice a year another one of this extinct species).

    But to answer your question, I´m 6″ tall and no skinny nor fat. So the XS fits me just fine, like any other classic motorcycle from these days. A good friend of mine has a hardtailed, heavy customized Ironhead sportster – and you know what? It´s not bigger at all than my XS! There´s really no difference in size.

    I think it´s just a matter of taste what you prefere. We (my “Harleyfriend” and me) are most times joking about that fat tired stretched out bikes & the whole bigger is better thing. And in most of the times this bolt on billet barges hardly get ridden – it´s often a only show & no go thing (at least over here in Germany).

    But at least in one point I agree with you at all – the Harley does sound better!

    And not to forget instead of thread jacking,
    @ Jason:

    You did some real nice stuff to this bike here, but the bike I like the most of the ones I´ve seen on your page is the Drifter. That´s very close to perfection in my eyes.

  8. Dennis says:

    Man, this bike is just – too – darn – cool!!! I love the copper and white contrast, the custom frame. The pogo stick, wow! genius! and a rear……… HAND BRAKE??!?! are you kidding me?!?!? wowsers…. that is one very nice package.

    @ John Ford

    I’m a metric dude. two very big reasons. well, three. One: cost. I just can’t see throwing G’s at something when C’s will work. two: reliability. I wanna RIDE. not repair. three: distinction. I *LIKE* being the guy who ain’t on a HD. I *LIKE* being the guy who waits til everyone else is done kicking and kicking and kicking, who pushes a button and… VROOM. I *LIKE* being the guy who isn’t rebuilding his engine over the winter (or in July)…. again! Virtually *everybody* I ride with has an HD. The new ones run great. They should, for $22 Grand. But for that kinda $$$, you get a bike that looks like THAT bike… and THAT one, and THAT one, and THAT one, too! They all used to laff at the gas gauge on my XS1100, at the drive shaft, at the square headlight. Now they’re buying computer chip upgrades for the fuel injection or whatever. My ’79 Yammy is the classic, now. And I blow them off regularly.

    Cost effective.
    Starts every time.
    And seriously kicks butt.

    Yeah….. I’m a metric dude.

    Also a Ford truck dude, but we’ll leave that for later. Rock on, bro!!

  9. Barney says:

    Chopped Suzuki, bobbed Yamaha, and my next bike will be the Fury. I guess I’m a metric man too. Metrics are WAY cheaper and they DON’T brake down. My in-laws are hard-core HD enthusiasts but there is no way i can afford those repairs. I guess i would rather have 3 bikes than 1 Harley. The only Harley i really like is the Sportster which every Harley enthusiast says is “weak” or a “girls bike” and the Rocker C. For 6G’s less, I’ll take the Honda.

    Also, it’s damn impossible to find custom parts for metric bikes. They make everything for Harleys. So, to see some of these bikes on here where people had to hand-make their own creations is really inspiring and a work of true art. When it comes to Harley and metric, i could care less. I like custom bikes and putting an airbrush job on a bagger doesn’t quite cut it for me.

  10. mike lytle says:

    @ John, I’m 63 and pushin one of them HD’s around causes my balls to fall off

  11. Russ Archer says:

    Hell – almost everyone owns a Harley now. You can buy a complete xs650 motor for just a few dollars compaired to spending real cash on a H.D.motor-tranny-primary. Almost everyone on this sight builds or works on their own bikes – except for a few major parts here & there keeping the bikes more afordable…it’s easier when you dont have such a high investment . Dont get me wrong -I love my H.D. I own both a Harley and a xs650. The Harley will out perform-ride better -take me farther-sound better……but it’s just not an xs650………Well what I guess I’m trying to say is if I have to explain you just wouldnt understand. I dont care what you ride as long as you ride

  12. Ray says:

    The bike looks great ,but I think the bend in the top rails of the hardtail (under the seat) greatly reduces the strength of the frame , can anyone verify, I realy like the look of this bike.

  13. Barney says:

    @ Ray – It’s just a drop-seat frame… with the seat not dropped.

  14. reynoldburton says:

    @ Stephanie

    you´re a tough lady – will you marry me?


  15. Tijuana Bumpersticker says:

    Only alcoholics ride Harleys.

  16. Dennis says:

    Laffin…… big kick outta Stephanie

  17. Capt_Zoom says:

    All John wants for xmas is a bike that works,
    A bike that works
    A bike that works….

  18. Capt_Zoom says:

    John bought too many $50 HD t-shirts and can’t afford to fix his bike. Lol

  19. Capt_Zoom says:

    I’m not saying v-twin’s are bad…just HD’s vtwins. 🙂 My Raider is a stroked 113 running 120ftlbs of torque and 100hp at rear wheel. I can do that with a big air kit, pipes and a PCV for 1/3 of the price I can buying a CVO with the screaming chicken package. Plus I don’t see one around every corner looking anything near mine. I also know guys who have gone over 150k on a raider without a single issue or a tired motor. Do that with any HD.

    The reality is that HD is very old poorly designed technology. At least with their current bikes, excluding the vrod which of course is mostly a porsche.

    As far as HD owners…I may have exagerrated a bit. Unfortunately the days of old bikers who were actually knowledgeable about old HD’s are coming to an end. Most are too old or tired to ride one that isn’t a new bagger…and you just don’t see them very often anymore. Its a pleasure running into one of those guys and its great talking to them because they actually can appreciate a better designed air-cooled v-twin like a Victory or Yamaha and I can appreciate hearing about their old builds like a shovster for racing. But now there are just too many Rich urban bikers out there who don’t know squat. Probably once a month I have some dude get off his HD at a gas station and look over my raider drooling about how cool it is…asking me which HD it is. They don’t even realize that its not an HD and when I tell them they get all in a huff. So now when it happens I just respond…”hey your wearing the shirt” or “your wearing the tell me”. The retards never get it right.

  20. Dennis says:

    now, now…. he asked for poetic…..

  21. mike lytle says:

    there was an old biker named John who was ridin his harley along it would rattle and fart then it all fell apart now he can’t figure out what went wrong………………..sorry John

  22. littlejim says:

    I’m over copper and brass but…Nice build otherwise. Do you have a strategy to what brake to use? I like that it is unique. Enjoy the ride.

  23. misfitskinny says:

    First of all, this bike is kick ass. What a very unique piece of art and craftsmanship, regardless of what motor it may have. It seems to be a very solid build and looks like it would be fun as hell to ride. My hats off to VINTAGE CHOPPERS for there inspiration in bike building. @ John I am a Ford man as well,have an 82 f250, still runnin strong. It is interesting question you ask. I have had, and built, a few harleys, and I love them.Love the old Ironheads and flatheads. Am getting ready to do a Shovelhead with 300mm in back here real soon, I can’ wait. I Know I will get alot more $$ out of it than I can ever get out of metric build, no matter how well its done. My favorite build and motor to work with is the xs 650, it is just a very unique parallel v twin and great running strong little motor. For me its really not about which motor is better, or more expensive, or the cheapest to build. Its all in what u like and are happy with and enjoy riding. Although I would much rather see someone riding a really cool unique metric than seeing someone on a Plain Jane Harley . I will agree some of these bikes are very small, and someone who is 6′ 3″ 240LBS. is way to big for alot of these bikes unless they have been stretched way back and rake a little in the front, but a harley sportster is the same way, too small for alot of people. Most of my freinds and people wanting builds are Harley Riders, most of them were like you John until they come over and sit on one of my xs and take it for a ride, then it changes there mind. They say it is alot different then what they thaught. Now they are always coming by to see what im workin on and bringin there other Harley buddies. Some get it, some dont. It doesnt matter to me I just love buildin anything with a chain. In all, Thank God for the xs 650 and all the other metric motors, because it has allowed alot of blue collar folks, in these hard times, that could not afford a Harley, or let alone any other custom bike, to be able to build or buy something custom, unique and cool, and be able to ride and have a great time with all the others. Some can’t even sfford to do that. @ Stefanie. You are a firecracker, lol 🙂

  24. Tijuana Bumpersticker says:

    The XS is not a British derived bike. It was originally a German 500cc Hoch motor. Yamaha bought the rights to the motor, made some changes to it, and turned it into the XS650. Just sayin’, and FYI. You can Wikipedia it and Google around. IIRC, the design dates from the mid-50’s, and Yamaha sat on the blueprints for quite a while before they unveiled the XS650. You can also find pics of the Hoch easily.

    The XS sounds like a Brit twin because it’s the same size, overhead valves, and firing order.

  25. Tijuana Bumpersticker says:

    Corrections to last post: The German bike was a Hosk. Hosk went from a 500 vertical twin to a 650 vertical twin, the company was bought by Showa, then Showa was bought by Yamaha.

  26. Dime_Crusher says:

    Alright forgive me for asking again if the question was in any of the previous XS vs HD threads above.

    Just by looking at the photos it looks like your Clutch lever is on the left handle and your brake lever on the right handle (standard). So if this is true, your only able to use one brake at a time… correct?

    Crazy rear brake hand lever!!! and I dig that you used a drum brake/hub on the front, I too am working with a front drum/hub for my build… early XS though!

  27. mike lytle says:

    @ Misfitskinny, your funkyness is only overshadowed by your old sage wiseness…….right on bro……build whatever flips your pancakes, and ride what ever you build……..

  28. misfitskinny says:

    Thanks T/B for the info of the origin of the xs 6 5 0, did not no that.@ Mike Lytle. I am starting to realize that you are a very intelligent man. @ everyonelse, build something safe as you can, and funky as hell to ride.@ Vintage, hope you build something else as sick as this bike, in future.