Minnesota snow borne


Picked this one up about 2 years ago. Got it home and liked its basic roots but keep transforming it to my tastes.  Love the hell out of it!  Rides like a dream and scares most harley owners, ha ha!  Title says 72 so I guess that’s what it is.


Had to get special plates for MN lawguy otherwise super happy.  Just started choppin another one and when it gets closer to done will post pics.


Thanks XS650 couldn’t have done it without everyone on here.



  1. Piute says:

    Red is pretty NOW make it Bad l.o.l.I’d like to thank everyone on this sight too.keep chopping n grinding. Harley Guy mmmmmm

  2. Reminds me of the “Then Came Bronson” sporty. Stick a pyramid with an eyeball in it on the tank and yer gold!

  3. Zeb says:

    Well snow borne got tore down two days ago being as I built a wicked hardtail frame for her. Will post pics soon, but for now thanks you guys! FTW!

  4. sean from boston says:

    I like it but your new hard-tailed version kicks its ass!! but hey as long as you like it either way

  5. hooversama says:

    I’m a “Harley Guy”…. among other things. Definitely not scared….not even a flinch or twitch. Try again.

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