Pandemonium Custom Choppers YA MAMA

xs650-chop-1-YA MAMA


Pandemonium Custom Choppers is proud to introduce YA MAMA. This was Pandemonium Customs first crack at building a Yamaha xs650 Chopper. The Pandemonium crew had such a good time building this bike that there have already started on another one. Pandemonium- “We enjoyed this project so much that we are going to continue building more.”

xs650-chop-YA MAMA 1

Here are some stats:

  • 1981 XS650
  • Heavily modified stock head light
  • “AX” Gas tank
  • Custom Pandemonium Exhaust
  • Mid mounts
  • Pandemonium “Speed Box” Battery box
  • “A” Brkt License plate bracket
  • Chain Tensioner by Bare Knuckle Choppers
  • A new product that we would like to introduce is our “E” Bomb  this is our Electronics tank to hold wiring.
  • The paint is actually powder coat that is Transparent Black
  • Pin striping was done by “Big James Mehring”
  • Leaf Spring Solo Seat Hand Stitched
  • Lead Sled Fender

xs650-chop-YA MAMA 3 Did you rake the front-end?

Yes, we raked it 40 deg allowing us to use the stock length front end.

xs650-chop-YA MAMA 4 How much stretch in the rear section?

Stretched it 4” in the hard tail. This is Pandemonium’s Hard tail, Coming soon to our product line.

xs650-chop-YA MAMA 6 That is a interesting looking headlight. What did you salvage it from?

The headlight is HIGHLY modified Stock XS includes, headlight bucket on the back from junk pile, that holds the original Speedo cup along with original Speedo and on the lower rear of the XS headlight bucket is the tach cup which now houses the original XS horn.

xs650-chop-DSC05207 How does that leaf spring seat ride?

This is the first one we have done and it is a SUPER SWEET RIDE all the way from 130lb rider to a 285 lb rider.

xs650-chop-YA MAMA 5 Could you talk a little bit about the paint, it’s pretty unique. Are the swirls from a sanding desk?

The paint is actually powder coat that is Transparent Black and Pin striping was done by “Big James Mehring. We used an angle grinder with a 4” scotch bright pad to put the random metal finish on. Then we turned over to our Powder coater Victor at Powder Plus in Archbold, Ohio 419-446-0089. After the powder coat was done we then took it to Big James Mehring at “ In The Flesh” Tattoo in Defiance, Ohio 419-782-6931 for the SWEET Affordable Pin Stripe Job. The combination of the Powder Coat and the Pinstripe in the sun is Eye Popping and Amazing. This is also STUPID Wrench smacking durable.

xs650-chop-E BOMB on YA MAMA


Pandemonium Custom Choppers new part the “E”BOMB

  • Pandemonium is proud to announce a new product
  • The “E” Bomb is a tank designed specifically for the XS650 market to be utilized as a place to put wiring..
  • It is a direct bolt on to the rear motor mount
  • 8” Dia
  • 14ga steel
  • SS Hardware
  • Also includes our SS Speed Cap to give the oil tank look
  • They are available immediately. $250.00


Is the “E” Bomb centered or is it offset to the right side?  Its a cool looking part. What made you think to do a round electrical box? Is “E” Bomb short for electrical bomb? haha. (If we keep talking about bombs; dudes in black SUVs are going to come and take us away 🙂

The New E-Bomb is modeled after our custom 8 ball oil tank for V-twins and figured why not adapt this for the XS650 market. It is Approx 8” in Dia and it is offset to the right slightly, you remove 3 button head cap screws and it splits in half and there is a shelf inside to mount all of your electronics.

This tank is 100% bolt on the XS650 off the back 2 motor mount bolts.  The name “E-BOMB”  is something my sexy sales associate came up with. LOL. These are currently in stock and ready to ship.

This bike is currently FOR SALE contact:



419-576-6812 –


  1. kermel says:

    Nice features on the bike.

  2. theirie1 says:

    “It’s pandemonium baby.” Great job on the build. Love the E-Bomb. Wish I could afford one.

  3. bigpup says:

    Very cool, I also wish i could afford the E-bomb, nice work

  4. brandon workman says:

    great work. you mention a 4″ stretch in the rear section, but what about stretch in the down tubes and back bone? is it a stock front loop or did you ad any stretch in the back bone and down tubes?


  5. ziq says:

    man, I really dig the set-up. NICE WORK

  6. sean from boston says:

    great looking bike!!

  7. HAPPY DAN says:

    Its got a stock front section,thats been raked only,no stretch

  8. rob says:

    Nice ride. I checked your site for the pipes but didn’t see them. Are they available? Shoot me an email, I would like to purchase a set in the same config….

  9. Sleward says:

    I couldn’t think of a better way to route that exhaust. Excellent

  10. Jonathond says:

    That e bomb is the BOMB. Looks wicked great looking build

  11. Jonathond says:

    That seat strut is a nice touch too. Great job

  12. Todd says:

    Dan nice job on the bike. Thanx for hooking me up with your first sporty xl tank. The petcocks under the tank worked out great. Hopefully the pics of my bike show up soon I tried to send them in a few times but haven’t seen them yet. Hope you like how the bike came out. I am going to send you a few pics to check out too.
    Look for the hound on the road.

  13. ziq says:

    where can you get a leaf spring seat like that? looks so cool.

  14. brandon workman says:

    where did yo get the leaf spring in order to make the seat spring? was it a total fabrication, built from scratch or did it come off of a car of some model?


  15. hooversama says:

    This bike is AWESOME! I love the see-thru powder coating and pinstriping. Sick…..the ebomb is cool too. Headlight is sweet. I like pretty much everything about this bike…. How much?

  16. Xs650fan says:

    What size is that rear tire? can’t be stock

    4 inch stretch, is there any drop?

    Bike looks amazing!

  17. cooter says:

    Nice work on the bike I really dig it!! And the E Bomb is a sick part and Id sure like to have one just,…..dont wanna take out a small loan for it!!

  18. HAPPY DAN says:

    The rear tire is a firestone 5.00/16 front is 3.25/19 We custom built the leaf spring seat set up,thinking about adding it to our parts line.Dropped it till it looked good.How much? Call and make me an offer,419 576 6812.Thanks for all the great comments,This bike will be in Cycle Source Magazine next month,Chech it out!

  19. Blackwidow says:

    Does that chain tensioner work good??

  20. HAPPY DAN says:

    Yes,its got three different chain tension adjustments.

  21. Jerod says:

    Very interested in the seat just like everyone else. What size leaf springs are those? Where did you get them? Any help would be awesome.

  22. bloodyknuckle choppers says:

    Hey guys. That leaf spring looks like a trailer leaf available at any tractor supply for under $30. They look slick and ride awesome. There’s a million ways to do a leaf seat, but the setup these guys used is real sick. Nice work

  23. Bryan Towse says:

    I’m diggin the leaf spring seat.

  24. Philthy78 says:

    I just read about this chop in Cycle Source!!! Great job, bro!!

  25. Matt Scrivens says:

    Nice job Dan,
    Love the bike, and xspecially the new part’s… just in time to add to my 73 cb450 build! Talk to you soon.

  26. benny G says:

    diggin the front and light and leaf spring seat. Great job on the bike. the xs is really starting to get popular. I laughed the other day where I saw the bike in Cycle Source Magazine. it’s like they don’t even try to get original bikes just look online for what’s out there on the web and then put it in a magazine.

  27. fanoboss says:

    Have you added the seat to ur product line yet?

  28. Marcopolo says:

    Damn, whats the drop on that tail? i would guess 3 inches? can’t really tell with the grass in the way.

  29. fanoboss says:

    Damn, that is LOW !!!!!

  30. norm younger says:

    awesome bike i love the leaf springs on the seat.