I don’t know much about this…in fact have never touched it. I bought it off E Bay while here in Afghanistan…and won’t be home until December. A neighbor kid runs it around the meadow every couple of weeks to keep things charged up.



There are a few things I want to change, but not much. The tank and fender paint definitely stay!  I want to remove the sissy bar, and install a solo spring seat to keep my kidneys and cojones permanently attached. I want to do something about the battery box, as well as cover the wiring. The triangular plate that extends past the battery box has to go, and the entire frame has to be touched up paintwise.



I will have it taken to Twisted Spoke in Clarksburg West Virginia just before I get home, have it gone over safety wise, change the oil, inspect it, etc. Any suggestions on what it may need would be greatly appreciated. I will listen and consider all. Thought I was over my bike phase…and then this caught.

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