south of boston xs


Ok, so after ripping apart a bunch of jap bikes to part on ebay i decided to put one together. so the search began for an xs650 and i found 77 on CL 2 1/2 hrs away for $250…it was already taken apart for a bobber project that never happened. than i found an 81 about an hr away for $200 and another 81 2 hrs away for free so i have 3 parts bikes to work with. than the search began for a hardtail kit. i asked a friend and he told me dave huntress (tigman) – world class welding was build frames 5 mins down the road from my house.


long story short i contacted him and he hardtailed my frame,put the fuel site and relocated the petcock for me plus a few other things. i would have loved to have done it myself but i’m not a welder yet! daves a great welder,fabricator and a great guy to boot.




so this is where i’m at with it plenty more to do but it’s getting there and will be updating as i make progress. this is my first build and the most fun i’ve had building something in along time. i wouldn’t have gotten this far without dave, big thx buddy!!!



  1. Russ says:

    3 bikes for less than 500 ,awsum ! It’s looking good.

  2. chevy53 says:

    lol you sound like me i cannot weld for sh!t. and your bike looks almost identical to the one im building. you must have good taste lol.

  3. REEB! says:

    What’s the headlight from? I like it. I know all about the list. I got 2 bike one for 165 complete and one Florida 150 in pieces!

  4. Joe says:

    Damn!!! I’m south of Bosstown as you can get in Westport, and me likee!

  5. BLACKWIDOW says:

    great start

  6. shawn says:

    thx guys, chevy my welding sucks but i’m working on getting it up to par maybe the next one i’ll do myself. reeb not sure what it’s from it’s some sort of perlux stainless steel spotlight i found at a swap meet and thought it would look good as a headlight & a bonus i haven’t seen one on another xs (yet)

  7. Mister says:

    Lookin good, really liking that rear fender.

  8. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Looks like someone with some ability is off to a great start!

  9. armand says:

    She promise much fun. just putt controlfoot foward

  10. Sean from boston. says:

    sooo your the one buying up all the xs’s in the area!!! bikes looking GREAT, and still looking for one myself haha keep up the good work,

  11. shawn says:

    thx again for the comments,
    mister-the fender is a reworked front fender off a 80 honda cm400 that wasn’t good enough to sell on ebay.

    bigjimmy- thx man i like your bike alot

    armand- i got some tcbros fowards but not sure if i’m gonna use them riggin up some mids right now

    sean- my brother also has 3 of em too 1’s on cl right now for sale it’s right in pembroke

    shoot me an email if your interested. i got a few odds and ends for sale too if needed

  12. Sean from boston. says:

    the posting for his bike expired, thats alright I’m picking my first xs650 up as soon as i have a truck to go get it lol The bike really Is looking GREAT and that front fork/headlight set up…. make me want to do things that will get me sent to hell (in a good way) lol

  13. shawn says:

    it musta expired right after i posted it if you’ve been combing cl boston you probably have seen it. it’s a 1975 no carbs no exhaust with a 77 frame, actaully the frame from the bike i got my engine from think he want $350 for everything little extra can throw in a set of carbs. we both have trucks so could arrange delivery to a fellow xs junkie for gas $ and i got pics or can get’em but anywho thx’s again, should hopefully fire it and be updating in a few weeks as you know it’s been hot as hell here in mass and really haven’t really felt like working on it in my garage after 9 hrs working out in this weather…

  14. Sean from boston. says:

    that was his? I was almost sure I would have been sold by the time i saw it was almost a month old and anything i tried to touch went out the door by that point, that would be a great deal on a bike! I noticed it said he had the old registration? any chance you would one to sell just a frame with a good registration thats the one thing about the bike i’m picking up NO paper work but the bill of sale 🙁

  15. shawn says:

    yup thats his i sold him the frame with the new hampshire registration but than he picked up a sweet mass title complete bike in hingham so he no longer needs it but i don’t think he will seperate the two he’s wants to sell them together so if someone in mass want to build the 75 they can title it here. if you know someone in NH they can register it up there for $50 than give you the registration and a bill of sale and you can title it down here.

  16. Sean from boston. says:

    ahh i didn’t think of the titling it in NH then getting a bill of sale and stuff…. thanks a bunch! I’m picking it up in the morning hopefully it will fit in my sisters Van LOL again the bikes looking sweet, and I know what you mean about working in the heat and then having to do other stuff it sucks ( i work construction very hot lol) thanks for the help man!

  17. shawn says:

    no problem…up in NH they don’t title anything over 15yrs old so & no insurance required so it’s just the registration fee so if you buy something from NH that old mass will title it with just the registration and bill of sale…

  18. shawn says:

    good luck with your bike too!

  19. Sean from boston. says:

    hey, Hows the Bike coming?

  20. shawn says:

    haven’t really messed with it for the last week or so…i gotta free up some $ for a couple of things pamco being one and the heat has been killing me not much motivation after work…you get your bike yet?

  21. Sean from boston. says:

    yes I picked it up last weekend I need to get to work on mine as well But your Very much further than I am lol

  22. Sean from boston. says:

    hey do you have any spooked rims? back and front you would want to sell? also some of the drum break components? (the rod from the peddle to the drum and the piece that connects the rod to the drum)

  23. shawn says:

    nah…the only wire wheels i got are one my bike i got two extra sets of mags with rear disc set up’s & no extra rods or hub arms. the other two bikes came with the mags. try e bay for the rod and arm tho i see them go cheap all the time…

  24. Sean from boston. says:

    how about some rear disc parts? lol like the actuator thing that makes it go from the brake peadle to the caliper I have one frame with disc Very incomplete disc setup and the actual bike is Drum witch for my project i would love Disc but don’t have the parts to complete the set up.

  25. mark max pain says:

    ya its almost as kool as mine wend does the training wheels go on are they custom toooooooooooooo

  26. sean from boston says:

    hows the bike coming?

  27. norm younger says:

    any update on the bike?