78 xs650 bobber


Write about your XS650.: Shes finally done. I think. My 78 xs650.she still needs to be painted but i am going to wait for the winter time.




I am keeping the tank bare metal but i will be clear coating it. Also the wheels will be all black.Thanx for looking.




  1. hooversama says:

    I think the wheels look ok….the color they are…..they match the tank.

  2. Salomon says:

    Hey Danny,i’m a big fan of your bike.
    Really sweet!
    do you have a problem with your handlebars hitting your tank?
    I have a sportster tank also but when i put my tank al the way up the spine of the frame,there’s not enough clearence voor my handlebars when fully tilted.
    Thanks for the pictures.really good for inspiration.
    Greetz Salomon.
    The Netherlands.

  3. Danny says:

    Thanx Salomon for the comments. I have had no issues with the bars. And have not had to do any mods to make them fit. I will try to send u more pic if u give me your email.

  4. salomon says:

    Hey Danny,thanks for the quick response,your bike is probably the best inspiration off the whole site for me building my bike.
    All the pictures are more then welcome(can’t wait).
    My email adress is salomonvanhouten@gmail.com
    When my bike is finished(probably by the end of summer. GGRRR!),i’ll be sure to post some pictures.
    Thanks Salomon.

  5. salomon says:

    Thanks for the quick response.
    every picture off your bike is very welcome!
    Your bike is the biggest source off inspiration on the net.
    Thanks Salomon.
    The Netherlands

  6. BigJimmyW13 says:

    Where are you at in IL man?

  7. DANNY says:

    BigJimmyW13 . I live in Highland Park Il, its about 30mins north of Down town Chicago

  8. Danny says:

    My ” MISTRESS”

  9. Drew. says:

    Hey bud, love your bike, could i ask what kinda handlebars are those? also, if thats a factory sportster tank, how did you mount? and any extra pictures you’d like to email to me would be awesome, dbjones@jacks.sdstate.edu.

  10. DANNY says:

    thanx for looking Drew. The bars are clubman. To mount the tank u have to weld on a bracket up frt and drill holes and place screws in the back, and use the stock tank holes

  11. Zane says:

    Hey bro, what size rear tire did you go with? and what tire is it(manufacture/model) think it would finish off my build.