78 ” xs650 bobber – ” Suicide Ride”


78 xs650, jockey shifted, foot clutch- death trap.Tc bros hardtail, sportster tank. This thing is so sketchy to ride but a blast.




Took about 8-9 sundays to build. I hated to chop this thing up but it looked so dumb stock. haha



  1. Don says:

    Looks good, I dig everything but maybe the seat. Pipes are nice little different bet their loud as hell! Jockey with no front break is just crazy anytime.

  2. BMell says:

    Hey Blake I really dig this ride~!!!!!!! your build is just like I am trying to do at home. is there any way that I can get some close up pictures of the build?

  3. Idaho chad says:

    Killer looking ride. I really dig the paint! Good Job!!

  4. Blake says:

    BMell…. whats your email… I will send you a full set of the build

  5. tom says:

    i rock the jockey shift asswell. try puttin the clutch right on the shifter. i used an old mountainbike lever. takes alot o the sketchy out. sick bike dude!

  6. chevy53 says:

    hell of a transformation in a few weekends. looks good

  7. Dennis says:

    looks like a Craftsman phillips head for the shifter handle.