78 xs650 s getting ready to chop :)


Write about your XS650.: Bought this bike for $100.oo.The bike did not run when i got it so i cleaned out the carbs and replaced the battery and it started right up. I have started turning it into a rigid with a buddy of mine. Using a weld on from TC bros.noid-IMG_0078



My only question is.  Do 78 xs650s have chokes?


  1. JET36 says:

    YES, on the left carb…… Push it down.

  2. Tebo says:

    Look at the face while he’s running the sawzall! Don’t chop ’til it hurts, bro’, chop ’til it helps! And keep on choppin’! And posting pics. When you’re done, you’ll want to see where it started. We’re watching, keep at it, but don’t burn out. Just do ONE THING every day.