Write about your XS650.: I  picked this bike up, 100% stock, but in boxes, in return for doing a hardtail on a guy’s frame. coming along nicely, so far. I’ve seen alot of bratstyle bikes using new tubes for the seat rails, but halfway thru doing the frame, I got the idea to re-use the rear seat loop as the seat rails/fender mount. I haven’t gotten pics with the fender on yet, but for all ya’ll guy’s trying to build a similar bratstyle, this works GREAT. Even used the stock rear fender (trimmed) on the stock mounts. looks killer.


This one is being built for my girl to ride, she’s not really wanting a rigid.

I have a 3rd one in the works too, but it’s more of a cafe style ride, so I don’t know if it’ll make this site or not.
BTW, I’m on the market for a wassel style tank for this bike, so if anyone out there in choppa-land has a connection, LET ME KNOW! I have an aluminum, original, unmolested wassel, but my girl has limited seat time, so I’m hesitant to put such a beautiful tank on a bike that maye get it’s “hard knocks”.

Thanks  Steve

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