73 chopper


My dad had “Betsy” since 1986. When he passed away last November she became mine. I replaced the engine and did some minor work so now she runs great. She’s a 73 chopped frame with I think @ 74 engine.noid-betsy_011




  1. Ted says:

    I dig the old-school authenticity of this bike. if it were mine I wouldn’t change a thing…. except polish it up, drop one of the headlights, and re-leather the seat.

  2. Teebs says:

    Man, I was thinking the same thing. I see fringed brown suede jackets and bell bottoms. I can hear the strains of Steppenwolf already.

    Slap on a Wassell or Hap Jones peanut tank, paint it with the Stars and Stripes and you’d almost swear it rolled out of 1969…

  3. Josh Leth says:

    I recently put on racing intakes,new tire,Delorto carbs,and fish tales. She sounds and runs great!

  4. Ted says:

    @ Josh Leth send in some more pictures man!!! Or, if you’re down lets do a short e-mail interview… Like I said. I dig the old-school authenticity of this bike. I almost send you a e-mail when you sent in the pics to see if you want to sell her…

  5. josh leth says:

    I would love to do an interview. just let me know when.
    I am currently about to put a dif seat on her and side mount lic plate. I am thinking about putting on a springer front end. what do you think?

  6. angus67 says:

    groovey!! I would restore it the way it is. maybe hop up the motor, but overall, Ide leave it alone, homage to dad.

  7. norm younger says:

    I love the old school look and the raked out frontend.