1980 xs650 New Bratstyle Makeover


Write about your XS650.: This bike fell into my lap when I found out that my Mother-in-law had it nicely tucked away in her garage.  When I heard she wanted to get rid of it or possibly sell it I was immediately interested.  I didn’t know anything at the time about bikes but soon after would learn a lot very fast.  


She started to realize I was interested in the bike and soon after just gace it to me, she said it was for being such a great son-in-law and treating her daughter so well. After i got the bike into my possession I immediately brought it up to my buddies hot rod/bike shop and began chopping, welding, and ordering parts and accessories.  Now it is lookin pretty good and should be road worthy in about a week or so.






  1. Ted says:

    This was the direction I was heading with my ride. Is that a 21 up front?

  2. pugs says:

    It’s definitley snow dude…SUCKS! I hate snow…but when the summers come its very nice…I would love to live somewhere warm all the damn time but not going to happen. Anyway yeah it was actually a pretty easy build. I am just going to finish up the wiring tonight and get my battery box mounted…I mounted my coils nicely tucked in between my air filters…can’t even really see em…Keep you updated!

  3. pugs says:

    its not a 21 up front either. Its actually stock…but I am looking to get one in the near future…

  4. sean from boston says:

    nice so far great mother in law, any updates?

  5. cygnusx1 says:

    Rub the bike down with a dead rotting Chicken, and Dogs will chase it. Great fun!