3 wheel goodness Larrys 6FIFTY chopped xs trike


What yer looking at is my 650 trike,I know its not all uglyed up like most of the abortions featured on this site but too bad who asked ya. Pull yer heads out of yer asses and see Frank about gettin a 12 over front end already.I chopped this bike for under 800 dollars total price beginning to end including buying the stock motorcycle.It can and will be done again all it takes is class something most of you are missing,Remember kids dicks are for chicks and yamaha 6fiftys are fer yall who cant afford a bezzer, BTW check out my chopped 67 lightining bitchin eh ? Yeah I know.



  1. Jon M says:

    COOL, got some video or youtube vids of that 3 wheel going?

  2. Dirnov says:

    Hi there,
    I have already seen it somethere…

    Thank you

  3. LARRY says:

    yeah,when the little lady gets out of the hospital I will post video of trike torcher in the desert where noone can hear your redline crys, yesterday I picked up a 72 tx 650 for a hundred bucks minus tank and seat,and tittle,bonus was the rats nest spaggitti wiring harness,and sezied pistons which were no match for me. after soaking them for 3 hours in 40 weight and applying liberal amounts of verbal abuse I was able to kick through, gobs of compression but that could be the oil sealing the rings. Next I ripped all wiring out and discovered how to utillize allagator clips,condensor,and a cheap battery to obtane spark. tommorrow when the tv heads open the doors to the kragon Ill lay down some cash for crankcase lube and see if this bitch is gonna obey.Im gonna keep the budget down on this one to round eh 5oo bucks on this one including registration. Chop on despite your empty wallets, and remember folks bobbin on my nobb bobbers riders suck untill they getta mouth full of joy

  4. James says:

    12″ over on my 81′ I used Tubes meant for a mid ’70 sportster. I had to use HD guts too but they work and look great

  5. scheffers says:

    haha! You sure know how to bring a story!

    I dig the trike!, the bike.. eh if I would’ve known about it’s existence I woudn’t have chopped up my XS after I bought it! I would rather plan in a reunion of the brothers who lost each other in the 80’s..

  6. elwood fanning says:

    hey what rearend and what wheels did you use on the trike i started a project with a free 400 maxim but im not sure about the live axel handling ?

  7. El Gaucho says:

    Gay. I can only hope you were being sarcastic when you wrote that post.

  8. Lefty says:

    I agree with El Gaucho…..Gay. I studied the picture of your trike for some time and didnt see the any of the so-called “class” you speak of. Sweet picture showing off your muscles though. That wasn’t choreographed was it? I would have offered up some compliments on your creativity(not alot of trikes on this site) but your’e rude and insulting and in my opinion you have no business being here. Maybe you can start your own site, http://www.xs650trikeownerswithgiantegosandcobbledup messesforbikes.com

  9. REEB! says:

    Nice farmers tan. Bike looks like the pos you were referring too.

  10. Badbear says:

    Too bad you didn’t put some of your inflated-ego-energy into building a decent trike?

  11. Larry K says:

    I’am into trike I belong to a trike club , And i and I like were you going with this build it don’t a lot of cash just a lot of balls and time go for it hope it comes out oK

  12. Chester says:

    How did you make the rear end for the trike?

  13. Leroy says:

    That’s bad ass man If I ever see that trike on the street its mine keep it clean for me