MULLIGAN MACHINE: Reporting For Duty

Submission #2, and I do believe this one is a bit of a head turner. It was actually one of the bikes featured in Hanz’s Top Ten list. The builder and I have exchanged words before about it, and I couldn’t resist digging for more info on the bike. He was more than willing to dish out what info I needed along with a good story of how it started to take shape. Enjoy….


Xs 650 Hartailed Frame Was Up For Grabs. (karma?)

“I did a guy a favor once, by picking up a bike, and dropping it off at his place. This guy returned the favor about a year later, by letting me know that his buddy couldn’t finish an xs-project, and that the hartailed frame was up for grabs.(karma?) Nice welds, only one inch stretch, and straight as an arrow….done deal!

I then found a farmer (via the dutch version of “craigslist”) who was in the process of selling his farm, and was cleaning out the barn. As a result, he sold me his xs softail chopper with a 21″ Santee mini-drum front wheel, along with lots of other cool parts which had been his pride and joy back in 70’s and 80’s. The bike was hidden in the barn, and had not been used for several years.



Getting the motor to run took some rewiring, cleaning up the carbs, points, and a new battery. It came to life nearly running perfect. I traded some wheels left over from previous builds, for an 34mm front-end that had an axle and spacer machined for the front wheel. Add into the mix a 16inch rim/drumbrake hub powdercoated black, and laced with stainless spokes for the complete mock-up roller.



The majority of all the other parts where either found at swapmeets or donated by friends, such as: riserclamp, lights, z-bars, tires, seat, tankcaps, handles. I also found the rear fender at a swapmeet. It is an aluminium front fender off of a 70’s dirtbike, with the perfect radius needed! The narrowed mustang tank was purchased from a guy who was selling his bike in parts. The footpegs and shift/kicker rubbers came from Wes at Four Aces Cycle Supply. TC-bros supplied the dummy oiltank and battery box. The Supersixties grips were an E-bay purchase(had to have them). Struts,mounts, and mids where homebuilt while my buddy Jan helped me out again with the welding.

After polishing/cleaning the motor, I painted the bike in my backyard(rattlecan off course).
Thats it man. Take care.”

You built a truly well finished chopper Dennis. I like the WHOLE package.



  1. Ted says:

    This is a magazine quality peace CAPTAIN AWESOME!! Glad you’re on board here MAN..

  2. Glad to be a part of the team Ted, and thanks for putting this place up!

  3. Hans from Holland says:

    Wel, well, again a Dutch beauty. This XS was built by Dennis, a XS freak who lives in the north of Holland. Great guy with many great XS projects ! Saw his XS a few weeks ago on a Dutch graiglist for sale by a motorcycledealer in the southern part of Holland. Very very nice build, love the silver color with the white accents.

  4. xspfull says:

    Hi im a big fan of the xs650s – i have a bobbed chop in the process of looking for a 18in. rear wheel drum break with decent spokes and hub – if anyone can help me out that has one for sale please let me know thank u !!!

  5. Kalle says:

    This bike is totally badass. If i ver build an xs of my own, thi swill be my guide for sure.
    Clean, brutal and compact….
    loves it.

  6. Barney says:

    Nice clean bike. Way to represent the start of this site!

  7. McLeod says:

    That exhaust sounds throaty . . . I love it!