Title? yeah… It’s Got A Clear Title.1980 XS650

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Under Budget

” Its a 1980 xs650 special. I bouht it from a guy at work that had lost interest in his cafe bike project. I wanted to do a very low budget rat bike chop…with a bit of Bratstyle inspiration. To date I have stayed under budget but I would like to hardtail this in the future. Mods and add-ons are as follows. Relocated top shock mounts, trimmed unwanted tabs, epoxy coated wheels, bicycle pedal on kicker, wrapped header pipes with flare tips, new Biltwell bars, kickstand, solo seat, headlight and 10″ short shocks. ” Spoke



This bike is at about the same stage of development as my 650..

looks good man. I dig the beartrap pedal kicker.. Thanks . Send in more pics as it evolves..


  1. pete says:

    cool bars. it will look good man.

  2. bob says:

    dude i love this bike. its pretty much what i want outta my 650 except for a few different things. like the bars and footpegs. i picked my bike up from a friend at work. it was runnin when they had it but needs a few things to get it back to runnin. i will post some pics later

  3. Allan says:

    What rear shocks did you use?

  4. stewart says:

    I would run it like that, it’s a cool bike.

  5. casey says:

    how much was the entire project? minus the price of the original bike.

  6. Andrew says:

    Sweet. i want mine to look like that. but have engine problems right now, no fire to the spark plugs :(, have troubled shoot it and still lost. its been sitting in my grandads yard for 13 years. carbs cleaned, tank cleaned, new battery, coils tested good. Any help??

  7. mike says:

    wow i just bought a kz550 and this is exactly what i was going to do it is really cool how close it is to what im going to be doing bad ass bike man.

  8. sean says:

    where did you get that seat and how much, need one badly to finish off my project.cheers SEAN