Tala – This is my first Yamaha XS650 build, I bought it in stock form, barely running trucked it home, cleaned the carbs (BS34s) changed the oil to some really thick diesel weight and rode it over to the Alberta registries to make it legal. Next step was tear down and cut off the rear end. Because I live in Alberta Canada the roads are shit so I wanted to make a Bobber that I can ride without destroying my back, thus the Japanese Bratstyle.


I went with a Visual Impact brat kit and learned to weld in my buddies shop, added some 11″ progressive shocks, drilled out the wheels with some speed holes, set them off to powder coating. Then came the rebuild of the carbs and ordered a bunch of parts from Mikes XS, Tc Bros, Lowbro Customs, Motorcyle Superstore. It took me about three months to complete to this point and the only things I didn’t do are; painting the tins, and upholstering the seat.


I put about 1200km on it this summer and still have quirkes to work out with the carbs, clean up some of the wiring and I plan to put a 750cc kit in this winter, however this thing is a blast to ride. I kept all the wiring so it has electric and kick start, high/low beam, horn, signal lights etc. because here in Alberta the law can be real sticklers.

I’m sure I’ve forgot alot of the build, but it’s an ongoing project and I fricken love these Yamaha XS650.
Hope you all like it, Cheers!

Tala Crossley