79-xs650-eagle-2Hi folks my name is Bart an amateur Builder from Belgium and this is my version.  I wanted to make something different than the usual and I myself am satisfied with the result.



I USED Used wheels of a Honda that I like for my project, and crankcase cover 25 mm narrower created homebuilt.




I used a part of the original frame and reinforcements and fasteners located on the inside of the fuel tank and a tube through the tank for the gas and clutch.


Also a reinforcement on the inside and outside of the curve of the frame.
All this to the front to remove the tubes. For the rear suspension I have a feather from a yamaha r1 the link system is homebuilt.


The seat is made of metal from an old letter box and kissing a jacket from a recycle shop. Handlebars and fenders is homebuilt. The front light is made ​​of an outlet of an Opel Calibra and power LEDs.


The rear light has been purchased and the interior is used the outer is homebuilt. Foot switch on both sides DIY .


Head of the Eagle and legs and the exhaust pipes themselves are built with concrete iron, iron board , heating pipe and chevron nails.


All welding I found a challenge to perform with an inverter with coated electrode and iron with scratches, sanding marks , imperfect welding and rust I wanted to keep visible and have the most sprayed with matte varnish , contain some with gloss varnish.


Only the tires are done in a tire center the rest is done by me without help. Just kick start, small battery for more stable light, two capacitors and permanent magnet rotor with DIY adapter and extended punch rod.


This engine is my artwork , my form of protest , my cry for freedom.


I’ve done here is prohibited by law , but when I was born I did not choose to be born here , nor signed that I give up my freedom.


Submitted by Bart De Vreese


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