I had been saving this frame for a while didnt know what i wanted to do with it. some of my friends were building cool 650s. It is a vintage honda cb750 frame from the late 60’s early 70’s. I had been building cb750’s but was getting tired of sinking 4 carbs and having them stick. Well I cut the down tube out of the xs and welded it in the cb frame. I used a cb750 rear wheel.

I went to granger and got a 530 sprocket blank and then took my 750 hub and had a machine shop fix the blank to fit. I then went to the seat. hand made it. drilled holes and sleaved the frame. so two bolts would move in them. I welded the bolts to the seat pan and put chevy 350 valve springs under them. I had bits from an old springer laying around. I made the rest of the springer. Rockers front half ect.. I used a honda scooter front wheel. Its a 21. I made the forwards out of rear foot pegs off a harley sportster and some pipe. The rear brake actually works off a chain as well.


I put a sprocket to the frame and the chain runs on it Like a tentioner.I used a Harley sporty tank. drilled on the side added bungs and made a see through gas gauge.  I rode it to the smoke out and came home and tore it apart painted it and sold it. I will post more pics of it finished when I find them. This was outside the holiday inn at the smoke out.

Thanks Chris welborn