Richard – This is a 1981 XS 650 that I picked up for $700 bucks the head gasket bike had t was blown and the front brake was frozen. Took it home and started to strip it down and make a list of parts I was going to need from Mikes XS. Tore down the motor and rebuilt the top end the bike had 9000 original miles.

Then I starting cutting and grinding off all of the tab and gussets to clean up the frame. Instead of buying a off the rack weld on hard tail I took it over to my friend Greg’s fab shop and he built the hard tail with a 4 1/2 stretch. The tank is a Wassell I found at a swap-meet and the rear fender is from a Harley V-Rod the seat is Black Top Donavan the pipe is a 2 into 1. I shaved the lower legs and polished them and hand sanded the cases and polished them also.

I used a brass planter box for the electronics and battery box and switches. The bike took 2nd place at the Florida Biker Build Off in Clear water in the Bobber Class.

Richard Gagliardi