Well i bought this bike 7 months ago from a guy who fixes up old bikes. I saw the basics on a bench and fell in love instantly!  it was already chopped but still had the skinny back wheel so he set about widening the frame and putting in a 200mm harley back wheel and fabricating some fenders and a new sissy bar with a rack.  it took seven months becuase he kept running into problems like, well we’ve put the bigger back wheel in but now the chain dun’t line up!  the spacer and then fitting the casing took a while but it looks great!noid-image005
unfortunately he has just given me the bike but has not connected one single thing mechanically on the engine, lights, ignition, brakes, clutch, throttle, fuel line etc etc the list goes out the door! even more unfortunate is that i’m certainly no mechanic but will now have a very steep learning curve.  As with everything in life though, it’s starts off impossible but eventually through sheer will you find a way and it becomes an exteremely rewarding experience. I’m sure it will all be worth it when it gets on the road!