XS Slim-First build 81′ Brat: Update..

This is a update on Bills Brat xs650 that was posted in the Brat section and is titled XS Slim’s first build.

Bill Goodwin = Didn’t care for the way it turned out the first time, kinda boring. So I got a ribbed fender, some killer minzee’s from Larry @ Garage Company Customs and sent my tank off to Nate @ Ardcore Choppers. The new fender mounts were the hard part since there are 4 bolts on each side and it had to be bent perfectly, total pain in the ass.


Ross at Southpaw Machine hooked me up and CNC’d my mounts. I finished it all up with brass hardware, speed holes in the case cover, green metal flake grips and a 70’s brakelight.

I’m pretty happy with the results! She is a absolute BLAST to ride.

I totally rebuilt the motor and did a rewire with a new Pamco unit. Made the pegs, shifter knob and kicker out of stainless.


xs650-chop-DSC_0048 = ” The fender mountains look really nice –  it looks like it’s fixed in place and doesn’t move with the swingarm –  is there any issue with the back tire rubbing?”

Yes the fender is fixed….and yes it does rub a little. I think the problem is the Rebel shocks, I’m going to try some higher quality ones and see if it helps

xs650-chop-DSC_0005 = ” What type of tires are you running?”

The rims are stock except for the black powder coat. The tires are Dunlop K70’s front and rear.

xs650-chop-DSC_0045 = “Anything else that we wouldn’t notice from the pictures?”

Larry and Spencer @ Garage Company Customs helped me out with handlebars, and the stainless exhaust, also the risers were some they had laying around. Spencers exhaust work sounds amazing.

I’m including a picture of the front wheel. While I had the wheels apart I took the hub to a friends house (Ross @ Southpaw Machine) and we turned the cast marks out of the front hub. Then after painting the center put it back in the lathe to dress up the edges of the paint.


Nate @ Ardcore layed down one of the coolest paint jobs I’ve ever seen. I get complimnets eveywhere I go about that tank.

BTW this XS was in the Horse this month. # 111-August. No worries on copyright, I know the photographers personally (Spencer Thomason & Ian “Big Pink” Smith) The pictures from The Horse photo shoot were taken by Spenser Thomason of Garage Company Customs here in bama, the others were taken by my buddy Ian “Big Pink” Smith.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask man, Later, Bill.

Hope you guys like the changes.