I race pro motocross so motorcycles are my passion. I tore my acl and mcl in my left knee for the third time, so im limited to what I can and cant do for quite a while. I decided I wanted to build a bobber during my recovery time so i wouldnt go crazy not being able to ride.

Two weeks ago I had no clue what an xs was and my cousin just so happened to have 6 of these sweet old bikes. I purchased an 82 from him for 500 dollars and started tearing it down and making a parts list right away. I went with a tc bros hardtail, a sportster tank, and bars off of a motocross bike.

We made some custom pipes and ive tried to make all the parts I can. My battery tray is a 2 dollar biscuit pan from wal mart, and my fake oil pan/ electrical box is a piece of 6in thinwall pvc pipe.



I cleaned and painted every piece one by one and got to where im at from a stock bike in only 2 weeks! my seat tires and chain came in yesterday but I’m confined to the couch for about a week before I can make it down to the shop 🙁

I made my hand shifter out of some other bent mx bars that were laying around. needless to say this website has kept me buisy reading and studying every post and pic! I’ve built a bobber before with the help of my dad a few years ago out of a shadow 600 for my high school senior project.


Like an idiot I sold it and bought a sportbike. Due to my competitive nature i became way to comfortable way to fast with it to the point that i knew i needed something that looked and sounded good just cruising around.

As of now I’m sold on the xs 650 and can’t wait till I’m able to ride it! Ill post some more pictures of the finished bike in a few days. I would really appreicate any ideas anyone has or any input on my build.


Chris Fisher