-4 2014

Born from a bike bought in boxes. This build is the latest to roll out of my shop, JumpStreet Customs. 

I guess I’ll start with the front and work my way back. Up front is a 23″ wheel built by Larry (rip) from GarageCo, Shaved fork lowers, custom spec VC fork covers, Lucas light flipped the wrong way, old school speed top tree, and finally a set a of my Panzer handlebars. I love the front end on this thing. 

-1 2014 -2 2014

The frame is a voodoo vintage rear with some custom axle adjusters, the motor has been rebuilt, honed, and freshened up. Of course it houses a HHB PMA and Pamco ignition. It’s also been fitted with an HD shovel head kick arm. Axed alien tank, custom seat pan that will ultimately be wrapped in dead cow stuff by Champco Customs. One off mids made from old Yamaha Highway pegs, relocated clutch lever, custom “good luck” toe shifter. I took set of my force upsweep pipes and sent them to the moon. I also capped them off with some machined / polished aluminum tips. 

-3 2014
As far as the rear end goes, we have a skinny ribbed rear fender, crazy short/tall sissy bar, new white wall and some hubcaps converted to wheel covers.  This bike fired up first kick, runs great and is a blast to ride. It’s about to be broken back down for paint and powder and then reassembled. Once put back together the bike will be for sale.

I’ll send updated photos ASAP. Thanks for the support!