rattler-dramaticWhen clearing the garage of a drug dealer that had fled the country, we got to keep an old junk motorcycle that we found buried in the back under surfboards and trash bags.

We all rode but didn’t know how to wrench so we used the bike as a learning experience.


It was a free bike, so at the very least we would have learned about the inside of a motorcycle even if we did not get it running.


Turns out it was a 79 Yamaha XS650.


Not only did we get it running again, but in the long run we ended up entering a chopper build off and making a documentary about the whole thing.


Submitted by Paolo




Paolo turned his experience into a documentary that ended up winning the People’s Choice award at the Motorcycle Film Festival in New York City.


Check out the trailer below. And if you want to support Paolo, you can rent or buy his documentary on his xs650 journey by clicking here.

Dirtbag 2: The Return of the Rattler from Rattler Productions on Vimeo.




As an added, bonus, you can also watch how his whole journey started by watching his short below.