standard-xs650-1979-2I built this ’79 XS650 about 7 years ago but never got around to sending in pics. Pretty standard build for the time.


Sporty tank, TC Bros. hard tail. ’32 Ford tail light.


Many of the parts were cobbled up on the Bridgeport from stock I had lying around. I made wooden plugs and metal spun my own “oil tank” caps and slipped them on a hunk of an old aluminum drive shaft I had saved.


I’m pretty proud of some of the pieces, like the bolt on foot peg brackets that accept Harley pegs and my rear light bracket.


I still don’t like the curve of the rear fender and I have to find a way to rubber mount the tank to get rid of the God awful vibration and noise, but, all in all, it’s a great runner. Starts on one kick and runs like a scared rabbit.


I especially love how much attention a $2500 dollar bike gets when it’s parked among other bikes costing $20k or more!!  🙂


Submitted by John Pifke


standard-xs650-1979 standard-xs650-1979-3