I Was Winging It.

Well here she is finally done. The project started out strong with no real hang ups other than a few things being put in the wrong place. It was my first build and I was winging it. Then I got to the point that I farmed a few things out and it all went to hell from there.

First the wheels, they went off to the powder coater (heard nothing but good things about him) well I have nothing good to say about him first he sand blasted every thing including my bearing chases, well when we went to push the bearings in they just fell right into the damn wheels. I was pissed but wound up grooving the sides of the chase with a chisel and that closed it up enough to push the bearings in. Next he powder coated every thing on my caliber it took 3 hrs of sanding and chipping through 3 coats of powder to get the thing together and working. All done ya right.


The last was the biggest kick in the ass I had a local pro shop rebuild my motor I did not thing it was to big a deal new seals, gaskets, pistons and rings. Well first the JERK broke a fin off the top of my motor enough to get my blood going, then I start looking over the motor at home I gave him all the seals needed for the motor he replaced not one of them getting a little madder.

Now the kicker I had a day off work and spent it putting the bike together running all my wires nice and neat and all the things that going along with final assembly. Now the moment of truth I fill her with gas and I am ready to go I start kicking kick kick kick nothing.


I pull the plugs to see if I can find anything. The plugs has no fuel on them, so now I got a carb problem. So, I pull, then go through every thing I know and put new mains, air, and pilots. Put them back on the bike and kick kick kick again, check the plugs still not getting anything now I am done I have a 3000 dollar boat anchor.

I say the heck with it and take it to some local in town to take a look at it. The next day I get the call good news bad news, good my wiring is correct and no problems there, bad news the A hole put the timing in 180 degrees off so I had to take the bike home and pull the motor yet again. Ryan at the motor cycle ware house in town got the thing up and going when he was done with it, she started on the 4th kick and now first or second every time.



All in all it was a fun project and I am happy with the end results colors are what I wanted and it all seemed to fit. Also wanted to say thank you to Gordon Scott for making my pipe they look and sound great and also Roger Hearing at for helping me the first time around with getting the wiring figured out could not have done it with out his help.

Hope you all enjoy the bike as much as I do.