We’ve got a real treat that’s been decades in the making. Mike Thomasson sent us a trio of photos showing off his old-school 650 chopper, a labor of love that’s been evolving for nearly 30 years. From teenage dreams to mid-life masterpieces, this bike’s journey is the stuff of motorhead legend.


Mike’s XS650 is a chopped marvel with a custom tank that’s been shaped and designed with a craftsman’s touch. It’s the kind of tank that doesn’t just hold fuel—it holds stories, memories, and countless hours of dedication. Each curve and line is a testament to Mike’s vision and the bike’s ongoing transformation.

The photos give us a glimpse of the bike from various angles, showing off the chopper’s stretched profile and that unmistakable chopped aesthetic. It’s a bike that looks like it’s straight out of a time when choppers ruled the road, but with a personal twist that keeps it fresh.

One of the pictures zooms in on the engine, a close-up for the true gearheads to appreciate. Even as a work in progress, you can see the care that’s gone into maintaining and upgrading this heart of steel. It’s not just about keeping the bike running; it’s about honoring the machine’s soul.


“This is my first street bike when I was 16 years old, I am now 45 years old and still working on it,” Mike shares. That’s a bond that’s hard to break. This XS650 isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifelong companion, a canvas that’s been painted and repainted with the brushstrokes of life’s experiences.

Mike, your old-school 650 chopper is a rolling piece of art, and your commitment to it is nothing short of inspiring. It’s builds like yours that remind us why we get our hands dirty and our knuckles busted. It’s about the journey, not just the destination.

To our readers, let Mike’s chopper be a reminder that some projects are never truly finished—they’re just resting between the next great idea and the next ride. And that’s the beauty of the build culture.

Mike, keep on wrenching, keep on riding, and keep on sharing. We’re all looking forward to the next chapter in your chopper’s story.