Write about your XS650.: Hmmm… OK so this is my xs650 i just built for cheap. i picked up the bike for $500 and proceeded to hack the rear section off i then fabbed up a rear section for it and stretched it like 8 inches and racked the neck. so after a bunch of hymning and hawing i finally decided to not go with the drag bike feel on this build and so i ordered a t.c.bros rear section because well summer hit an i wanted to go riding. So i got the new rear section on i fabbed up some forward controls with my lathe and welder. noid-dsc00031

Made the pipes. went to the local hot rod shop got a cool tail light an made the tail light license plate bracket.  scored my self a paucho springer from a buddy for free i had to straighten it though it even had a nice 19″ rim with a mini drum wrapped with a Avon speed master tire. so i made a few pieces on the lathe an mounted the springer on my XS. oh ya i used the front fender as a rear fender and cut and welded some of the fender braces and made the sissy bar. all in all i think i built the bike in under a month and  i probably have less than $1200 into the bike thanks to friends giving me parts like the springer.noid-dsc00032

Although now i haven’t been able to ride due to the cops don’t like me an like to give me big tickets and try top take my license away but that don’t  stop me from riding just delays me a few minutes or a night or two…
I think next i will try my hands on some of this re phasing hubbub   i think would be awesome to take away some of the vibration. can you say re phased drag style cafe hybrid xs650 i sure can………………………