Jason – Hey, Here are few pics of my garage creation.  It is an 82 XS 650 donated by my brother in-law.  I tore it down, chopped it up, Got some help from Rich at G&L choppers ( a fellow US ARMY VET) with parts and a lot of advice. This is a Dirt Cheap little Yamaha Bobber that I ride all the time.  I have taken it all over the place and it gets tons of attention everywhere I go.  I love going to a BIKE NIGHT and having dozens of people gathered around this little garage built, dirty, greasy gem when there is a $30,000 bike right next to it that they walk right past.  

I themed this bike to celebrate my service in the Army and it is a ton of fun.

I am a full time military contractor, but my buddies and I have a little shop here in Huntsville AL where we do a little fab and paint work for our friends, it is called MEAN TIKI CUSTOM CHOP SHOP, I attached a shot of our logo.

We enjoy getting together in the evenings and on the weekends and putting together some cool rides.

Jason Kerr

xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana
xs650 long sleeve