Here are a couple shots of Keith’s No-Excess 650, also a bit of the interview he had with Jesse O’brien from dead beat customs. “I’d rather feel like I’m doing 120mph when I’m actually doing 60mph than to be doing 120mph and feel like I’m on a leisurely cruise.”-Keith Hill

Why an XS650?

Price! Haha not only that, I love old inline twins. Most of my favorites are British bikes,but those are getting rather pricey these days. Xs’s are fun bikes to build since they have all the right style for a chopper. Also a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories for these rigs are coming out of the wood work.

What’s your idea of the perfect bike?

It’s hard to say. I’m into so many different styles of motor bikes. It’s just all about style for me. I don’t like stuff that’s just half assed, where the owner just dipped a toe in to see how style feels. If you’re going to build a chopper, build a death machine that’s loud as hell that will piss people off, and add in just the right amount of class and style. If you’re going to build a cafe racer, build it the right way,with classic “across the pond” style, the way a Rocker would have done it back in their day.

Jesse O’brien from