-4 2014

Jed Prentiss – I stumbled upon this site a couple of years ago just before Christmas and I knew I had found my new winter project. 2 months later with $800 in hand, I drove to NH and purchased this 1979 XS in rough, but running condition. The next 8 months were spent compiling parts and looking at every XS bobber I could find online.

-5 2014

After countless hours research, I decided on a short chop with a softtail in hopes of saving my back and keeping the bike in contact with Maine’s rough roads. I’m a woodworker by trade with limited metal working experience and almost no mechanical skills. So, with borrowed welder and a cutoff tool, the bike began to take shape.

Jed's Orange Happiness - xs650

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The Japanese Kanji symbols on the tank say it all “orange happiness” is what this bike brings when you rip down the road on her. Load, fast, rough and f—king fun!!!! There are so many choices to make when building one these great bikes, I’ll try and list as many as come to mind from front to back.

-2 2014

Jed's Orange Happiness-xs650
Forks, slammed 3″ with Hugh’s kit
Lowers shaved by me
21″ yz250 front wheel with custom SR style brake lug by me
3″ Avon speed master tire
Shaved triple trees
Lowbrow headlight
Andy tach 2″ GPS speedometer
Euro trash handlebars
Wassel tank off ebay, rattle can finish with lettering by me
Frame rails and modifications by me
Engine stock,soon to be rebuilt
Counterbalance 2 into 1 custom intake with 36mm round slide
Old truimph toolbox for electronics with leather belt closure with cheap mini battery
Hugh’s PMA
Pete’s Pamco with wiring harness by me
Rich Phillips snub nose seat
Leadsled Mohawk rear fender
Custom sissy bar by me
Progressive 11″ 412 shocks, used off ebay
TC brothers license plate bracket and taillight
Shinko 16″ rear tire
-7 2014

I’m sure I missed something, endless little parts off line. Special thanks go to Chris Cummings, a local bike guru, who helped trouble shoot my wiring harness and Wes from Counterbalance Motorcylces for putting up with my endless questions and supplying his wicked cool 2 into 1 intake carb setup. Thank you XS650 chopper for all the inspiration, without this site this project would never have happened. This winter she’ll get a engine rebuild and a real paint job.
Cheers, Jed