Griz – I didn’t want to post any pics until she was done but your handlebar give-away convinced me otherwise. The work has progressed past this pic but it’s the only shot I have of her at the moment. ’78 XS650 Special with a hardtail from Lowbrow. Fender strut kit from Lowbrow. Bungs for fender mounting from Lowbrow. TC forwards. TC DIY exhaust kit. Swap-meet headlight. Seat is a HD factory take-off. Low mile whitewall swap-meet tires. Timkin neck bearings. Mikuni carbs. Rear disc mount. Foot clutch/hand-shift. Smoothed forks. All paint/powdercoat will be done by my wife. All welding/fab work done by myself and my Dad. Fabbed our own frame jig. Stuck with the stock tank because I love the way it flows into the HD seat. The frame and tank still need to be smoothed a bit more but she’s currently a roller and will be done in time for Spring. There’s more stuff I’m forgetting but this is the gist of it. I have about $800 into it right now and she’ll be finished for under $1000. I need your bars because the bars on it right now are from a XR400 dirtbike! Because of companies like yours, we can build our own without dropping a ton of money. Thanks guys for awesome products and great service. Keep up the good work!