Strap in because today we’re taking a tour of Joel’s freshly finished ’73 XS650, and it’s a city slicker with some serious altitude. Joel sent over five dynamic photos of his build, and from the looks of it, this bike is ready to tackle the urban jungle with gusto. In two of those shots, Joel is cruising the streets, proving this chopper is more than just a pretty face—it’s made to move.


This isn’t just any XS650. Joel has poured his heart into reviving a ’79 motor, giving the top end a complete rebuild and overhauling the charging system to ensure this beast doesn’t just purr, but roars. The ignition? A trusty Pamco that’s kicking things off without a hitch.


Joel’s vision was clear: create a chopper that’s both short and tall, reminiscent of the sky-high builds from the ’70s. With its stock-length fork (which might just stretch to the heavens in the future) and a commanding 23-inch front wheel, this bike stands tall among the rest. But that’s not all—Joel’s craftiness shines with a homemade hardtail sporting a 3-inch stretch and a subtle lower, giving this ride a unique stance that’s all its own.


The style? Frisco all the way, baby. We’re talking high pegs and towering bars that aren’t just for looks—they make for a ride that’s as agile as it is enjoyable. Joel says it best: this chopper is a blast to ride, capable of taking on whatever the city streets throw at it without scraping a peg or muffler.


And while Joel is loving the current setup, the wheels of creativity are already turning with plans for a new paint job and some custom exhaust work. But for now, the focus is on breaking in this ’73 XS650 and clocking some serious mileage.


Sent by Joel

So here’s to Joel and his urban-adapted chopper, a true testament to the enduring spirit of customization and the XS650’s versatility. It’s builds like these that keep our community vibrant and rolling forward.

Keep the rubber side down, Joel, and keep us posted on those future mods. We can’t wait to see how you’ll elevate this already stellar build to new heights!